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Natural Plumped Lips with PMD Kiss

  This post is sponsored by PMD Beauty & the PRIMP network. Everything here, as always, is based on my personal experience with the product.  Lip envy: I’ll admit, I have it. Something about the trend of bold-colored liquid lipsticks & enviable instagram pouts inspires a little bit of jealousy in me. I’m tempted to blame aging for my thin-ish lips, but looking back over old photos reminded me that I’m just not naturally endowed in that area. I’ve been  ...

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Man, What Is It With Hourglass Eyeshadows?

  A quick peek into my makeup drawers would prove to you that I’ve been a big fan of Hourglass Cosmetics for a long time now, but seriously guys, what is up with the constant changes in eyeshadow formula & packaging? First we had the duos, which  were nice, but on the pricey side and discontinued almost before I even got my hands on any of them. Then came the Modernist palettes. I love mine, but I know a lot of people weren’t fans of the extremely soft texture or the  ...

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Everything You Need to Know: Sonia G Fundamental Brush Set

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly need any more makeup brushes…. Honestly, I really did think my collection was pretty complete. Or at least, that I had all the basics covered, and anything additional would be for special treats & just for the joy of collecting. Well. One of my long-time favorite beauty bloggers, Sonia of Sweet Makeup Temptations, just surprised us all by releasing her very own brush line. Normally beauty guru product lines get a great big fat yawn  ...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Luxe Edition

  Was someone on your holiday list a very good girl this year? If you want to splash out on an extra-special gift this year, here are my picks that are sure to make anyone on your list feel like royalty.     Clive Christian Noble Collection ($495) Speaking of royalty – this Saks-exclusive fragrance set is based on notable periods in British history. The set is well-rounded, with a variety of floral based scents that each have a very distinct character. Not only are they  ...

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Lipstick Queen Toppers Will Transform Your Fall Lip Wardrobe

  It’s no big secret that I have a ‘type’ when it comes to lipstick. I love bright, warm pinks, and bold reds are fantastic too. I tend to steer clear of burgundies, berries and deep colors though – I just don’t think they look good enough on me to actually fork over the cash for them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I know I’m not alone in that, and there’s nothing wrong with it! Until the holidays roll around and I realize I don’t have any fall lipstick  ...

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