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The Best Lash Curler For Your Eye Shape – 2018 Edition

  I’ve been blogging about (mostly) beauty stuff for nearly five years now, and I’ve learned a bunch of lessons. Most relevant right now: I’ve learned that all you lovely visitors here really like you some eyelash curler diagrams. Every single month, my ancient post on the Shu vs Shiseido curlers continues to be my most-viewed post, followed closely by the lash curler roundup I did a while later. Unfortunately, the Shu curler isn’t widely available in the US  ...

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5 Must-Have Millennial Pink Travel Accessories

  We’re only a few months into 2018, and already I’m set to do more traveling this year than probably any time in my life so far (and I’m totally ok with this). As of now the travel schedule includes vacation in Paris & London, a weekend in Denver, and at least one trip to New York. We’re also looking a possible weekend on a beach somewhere in the fall, and then I usually have a work conference later in the year. Accordingly, I’ve been busily doing a  ...

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Chanel is Coming to Ulta & I Don’t Care

  Last week the news broke that Ulta is going to start carrying Chanel, and the reactions around the beauty web were pretty mixed. I think pretty much everyone was surprised, but whether it’s a good move or not seems up for debate. Some folks see it as a sign that Ulta’s taking a big step forward, and others feel like it will cheapen Chanel’s brand. From me, the whole thing gets a big ‘meh’ for a few reasons At first I thought bringing Chanel to Ulta (as  ...

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Jo Malone English Fields Collection Review

  I’ve shown a couple sneak peeks of the new Jo Malone English Field fragrances for spring on my instagram, and now I finally have all the ones I ordered in my hands! I discovered these on my last trip up to Cincinnati. I needed to pick up a mirror I’d ordered from EBTH, and figured since I was up there anyway I might as well stop by Nordstrom to look for some new sneakers. Well, the beauty counters are right next to the shoe department – I swear they’ve done  ...

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5 Things I Love Right Now

  Well, this week I was supposed to be up in Boston for work, but the workshop I was going to (and my flight) got cancelled due to the sky blizzarding all over everything. I had planned an afternoon of shopping at all the stores we don’t have around here, so I’m a little disappointed the rug got pulled out from under that. But on the other hand, we’re less than a week away from the first official day of spring and a month from now I’ll be eating croissants in  ...

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