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You Don’t Have To Be A Cyclist To Love Biking

  A few days ago I was browsing the internet while I could have been doing something much more productive (as usual) and I came across an article titled ‘Why cyclists make great employees.’ So of course I clicked over to it – who wouldn’t want to see how they can spin a hobby in their favor? But I realized as soon as I read it that the points they made – cyclists being meticulous, competitive, etc – were 100% not relevant to me. And that, friends, is  ...

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Happy Birthday Popsugar Must Have! (Spoiler Alert)

  Are you a subscription box fan? Historically I haven’t been – Birchbox and Sample Society were both a bust for me – but I’m making an exception for the Popsugar Must Have Box*. Unlike most of the options out there, it’s not limited to beauty products – it has all sorts of lifestyle goodies including home decor and snacks. Even better, everything in it is full size, which I <3 very much. This month Must Have Box celebrates its 5th birthday, so  ...

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My Solar Eclipse 2017 Getaway Kit

  Raise your hand if you’re excited about the solar eclipse! In case you’ve somehow missed all the buzz, you probably already know next Monday (August 21, 2017) there’s going to be a total solar eclipse and the totality path cuts right across the US from Oregon to South Carolina. Since this is the first opportunity for me & most of my friends to see one, we’ve decided to take a little road trip out to western Kentucky and make an event of it. I’m  ...

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Wear Test Wednesday: Essie Fondant of You

  Recently I mentioned that I’m planning a new series of nail polish wear tests, and I decided to dive right in! My plot to make myself actually wear nail polish is semi-working, at least so far. I recently got a couple colors from the Essie summer collection (kindly provided by the brand) so ¬†today I present to you the first edition: Essie Fondant of You. Fondant of You is a really pretty pastel orange that reminds me of orange sherbet. It’s a great summer color but since  ...

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Beauty Tech, Reviews, Skincare

Dermaflash: Smooth Skin You’ll Love, No Spa Required

  The internet just looooooves ‘weird beauty hacks’ and one that’s been getting a lot of air time lately is women shaving their faces. Why we’re still thinking of it as a strange trick is beyond me since it’s been coming up off and on in beauty articles since at least the 90’s, but I digress. Being the beauty addict that I am, I’ve tried more than once to jump on that bandwagon and I’ve regretted it. Every. Single. Time. It seems no  ...

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