Review: Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick

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Review: Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick

I’ll just start off by pointing out that I did not receive any press samples for this review (though my first one was a free perk from Sephora). That should tell you pretty much everything you need to know, right?

Well, just in case you need more information on them (beyond the fact that I’m in love), I guess I”ll go ahead and write the rest of the review. I found out about these lipsticks when Sephora offered a mini of Brun Createur as one of their points perks. While I wasn’t a huge fan of that color at first (I’ve changed my mind since then), I did enjoy the formula enough to purchase a full-size one. So what are these little guys like?


The case is usually the first thing that people oooh and aaah over, and I’m no exception. The lipstick comes in a metal tube that’s covered in incredibly soft black lambskin leather, though the leather color is different on the limited edition colors. The Givenchy name is stamped on a metal strip down the side of the tube, and the logo is stamped on top. The tube closes firmly and has a nice heft to it. It’s a little thicker than MAC lipsticks, but not nearly as bulky as something like YSL Glossy Stains or Guerlain Rouge G. The leather is a little bit prone to showing impression marks from other objects if you just toss it into your purse, and I’d imagine that it might not fare well if house keys got too up close and personal with it. That hasn’t been a big issue for me because I keep my daily makeup in a mini makeup bag.

Givenchy Le Rouge


Givenchy has gone for quality over quantity as far as the number of colors offered is concerned. As of now, there are twelve colors in the permanent line, and four limited edition colors. The permanent range spans a good variety of options, all the way from a nude beige (Beige Mousseline) to deep red (Grenat Initie). There is, however, a notable lack of purple-based options. A few of the colors are a bit similar to each other (do I really need Rose Taffetas and Rose Dressing?) but mostly they’re different enough to justify the purchase.

Left to right: Beige Plume, Brun Createur, Rose Taffetas, Rose Dressing, Rose Dentelle, Fuchsia Irresistible, Magnolia Organza, Grenat Initie

Left to right: Beige Plume, Brun Createur, Rose Taffetas, Rose Dressing, Rose Dentelle, Fuchsia Irresistible, Magnolia Organza, Grenat Initie


The formula is what really got me hooked on the Le Rouges. They’re semi-matte, so they don’t emphasize lines, but they never look flat or powdery. They’re opaque in one swipe and glide on easily from the tube, though I prefer to use a brush with all my lipsticks to get a really clean lip line. According to Givenchy’s description, they contain micro-spheres that “glide into the fine lines of lips and lock in moisture growing 50x larger” to make your lips look “plumper and revitalized.” I’m not sure if I’ve noticed my lips looking plumper, but they definitely do seem smoother. Best of all, the Le Rouges contain hyaluronic acid, which helps keep your lips moisturized throughout the day – so even though they’re more on the matte side, these actually make my lips feel more moisturized instead of drying them out. There’s no slip or stickiness, and I haven’t experienced any problems with bleeding or feathering, even though I almost never use a lip liner. There’s a light floral fragrance, but it’s not overpowering or offensive, and it wears off quickly. The lipstick feels incredibly light on the lips, and wears for a solid 6 hours (including multiple cups of coffee), leaving a stain for another 2-3.

Another thing that I feel the need to point out is the consistency between colors. You know how sometimes you’ll buy something and love it, but when you pick up something else from the same line it’s just not quite the same? Pigmentation, wear time, whatever. I haven’t had any issue with that at all, which makes me think Givenchy’s quality control must be pretty impressive. I have no problem picking up a new Le Rouge based on swatch pictures alone, because I know it’ll have the same finish and coverage that I expect.

In Short: These are a ‘holy grail’ makeup item for me, and every bit worth the price.

Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks are available for $36 at, Sephora stores and


Wearing Beige Plume

Wearing Beige Plume




  1. Jillian

    August 27, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    That’s great to see the consistency w/i the line. I’ve added “Rose Dressing” to my cart about 4 times and always end up changing my mind at the last minute. Great review!

    Jillian/ Jillicious Cosmetics

    1. niccigilland

      August 27, 2013 at 12:58 pm

      Not to be an enabler or anything – but do it! I waffled about Rose Dressing too, but now it’s actually one of my favorite colors from that line.

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