Saturday Link Love

Sometimes I see posts on other blogs that I get really excited about and want to share. I’m fairly terrible about doing things on a set schedule, but I’m going to try to give you a list of more fun stuff to read on Saturdays. We’ll see how it goes, but here’s today’s!

The full details aren’t out, but MakeUp4All has a sneak peek of the Laura Mercier White Magic Makeup Collection coming out for this year’s holiday season. I have yet to meet a Laura Mercier product that isn’t amazing, so I can’t wait to see swatches. I especially like the look of the eyeshadow singles.

For you international folks, Pigmented Lips is showing off one of the more interesting lipstick finishes I’ve seen in her review of Marks & Spencer Wanderlust Lipstick in Plum Shine.

Brightest Bulb in the Box examines Philosphy’s DNA-repairing claims in the latest installment of my favorite series – Beauty Bullshit: Philosophy Time in a Bottle. She’s also done all the legwork in breaking down the actual value of Sephora’s 2013 Fragrance Value Sets.

The Non-Blonde came up with an absolutely genius idea for storing brushes, which I’m totally going to try for myself.

The RAEviewer has swatches up of the new Tom Ford Fall 2013 Lip Colors. They’re now on my wantlist and it’s all her fault!


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