Review: Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick 501 Peony

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Review: Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick 501 Peony

I may have been shelving my lipsticks for the most part for the past few months, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting some new ones! This one I received as a gift from a friend who swears by them for dry lips. The Rouge Ecstasy formula is a fairly new one from Armani, released last fall. It’s described as a “CC” formula, which makes me want to vomit a little bit – just stahhp with the BB/CC/DD marketing train, please? Despite the overused buzzword, it’s formulated to “color & correct” by acting as a lipstick and lip care in one, so of course I was thrilled to try it.


Armani Rouge Ecstasy 501 Peony

The lipstick comes in a bright red enamel tube with the Giorgio Armani logo on the front. The base and cap are slight oblongs perpendicular to each other, but taper to a circle where they meet. The cap is held on with a magnetic closure that functions flawlessly – no matter what direction the cap is facing when I put it on, it will click into place. The closure is very secure, so I have no worries putting it in my purse. The shape makes it a tiny bit bulkier than it needs to be, but it’s still easier to carry in a clutch than square lipsticks like Burberry or large ones like Guerlain Rouge G.


Armani Rouge Ecstasy 501 Peony

Peony is a bright, light pink that’s just warm enough to (narrowly) avoid being Barbie pink. Even though it’s not entirely opaque in one swipe, it’s pretty true to the tube color if I do two thin layers with a lip brush. I absolutely love the color, but I’m a bit of a pink lipstick junkie. If this shade isn’t really you, there are 35(!) other ones to choose from that range from nude to vampy, with just about every possible undertone. Unfortunately there’s not an Armani counter anywhere near me, but I have a feeling I could amuse my self for hours just swatching this line.

Application, texture & wear

Armani Rouge Ecstasy 501 Peony

The formula isn’t quite opaque in one pass, but it’s pretty close. The finish is very slightly glossy, and while it does have a rose fragrance, it isn’t as strong or long-lived as the scent of my Burberry Lip Cover. The wear time is respectable – 3-4 hours (including coffees) before the lipstick wears off, but it fades evenly and leaves a nice stain that lasts for a couple hours after that. It stays in place beautifully, and doesn’t transfer too badly onto glasses or food. The texture, of course, is what I was most interested in and I wasn’t let down. It’s not slippery like most lip balms, but it feels much lighter than your average lipstick. It’s very moisturizing, and still looks good if my lips are a little bit peel-y. No doubt ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil contribute to the moisturizing effect it has. I had trouble finding an ingredient list, so here’s a photo of the box (click to enlarge):

Armani Rouge Ecstasy Ingredents

In Short: I’ve been reaching for this pretty regularly and I’ve already got more on my wishlist.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy ($34) is available at

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  1. Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    January 17, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    ohh this color is pretty. I have one of these too and can’t remember what shade it is!

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