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A long while back I ran across a post on The Beauty Look Book on how to recycle Diptyque candle jars into adorable brush holders. Well, I don’t have any Diptyque candles, nor am I inclined to spend that much on a home fragrance I can’t try beforehand – the closest place that has them in store is over an hour away. So I went to TJ Maxx and browsed online stores like https://villagewaxmelts.com/ to see if I could find something pretty, inexpensive, and of course nice-smelling. I also received a jar candle as a birthday gift last fall, so now I have a nice little mini-collection:

Capri Blue DWHome Candles

This is going to kill all the suspense in the post, but my favorite of the three scent-wise is definitely the Capri Blue candle in Blue Jean. It’s a really fresh citrusy, musky scent that can almost trick me into thinking it’s summer as long as I don’t look out the windows. The scent fills the room quickly, and sometimes you can catch a whiff of it in other parts of the house. The product description claims 85+ hours of burn time, which I totally believe because this thing looks like it’s barely been touched even though I burn it a lot. It’s just under $31 for the 21.5oz, so it’s pretty cost-effective. Anthropologie carries some of the scents from this brand, but I haven’t seen Blue Jean there.

My TJ Maxx run also yielded two candles from DW Home. Right now I think TJ Maxx/Marshalls are the only place to get them, but their webstore says online shopping is coming soon. I’ll be totally honest and say I got these mainly for the jars – check out dat typography & layout. These are gonna be brush holders someday (dream big, little candles).

The Pomegranate one I don’t recommend to use for its intended purpose. Maybe I got a dud, but I can’t smell it at all unless I shove my nose right up in it (which I’ve been careful to do only when it’s not lit, of course). The scent is nice, if you can catch it – fruity and light. After a couple months of daily burning it’s still got about 1/3 of the candle left, so I’d be really happy with it if it actually smelled like anything.

The Bergamot Tobacco candle is very much up my alley. I like to wear men’s fragrances on me, so why not in my house too? It leans more toward bergamot than tobacco – woody, spicy and just a little bit winter-evening-y.  This one isn’t an incredibly strong scent either, but it fills up the room without creeping into the rest of the house.

Tell us – what’s your home fragrance du jour? Not sure if it’s time to replace your windows? If sounds from outdoors are starting to become noticeable or annoyingly loud indoors, it might be a good time to look into hiring window replacement in addison.


  1. Dolores Cooke

    February 3, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    What is the cost of Blue Denam candle And where can I order it

    1. Nikki

      February 3, 2017 at 4:37 pm

      Hi Dolores! I received mine as a birthday gift but it looks like they are $30 and you can order directly from the Capri Blue website: https://www.capribluecandles.com/product_details.php?frg_id=14&pid=2

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