Saturday Link Love: Season 2, Ep 13


Saturday Link Love: Season 2, Ep 13

Hi lovelies! It’s Saturday and I haven’t been procrastinating this week, so that means it’s time to round up my favorite reads from the week. And again, if you have any posts you think we should check out (your own or someone else’s), don’t be stingy – leave us a link in the comments!

It seems like this week everyone is getting back to the basics. Messy Wands had a review of the Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation, in which she looks like she just stepped out of a magazine. So that’s on the list for some far-off day when I finally decide to do a Suqqu haul.

The Beauty Gypsy offers up some thoughts on base eyeshadow colors, and of course has a review/comparison to go along.

So far one post on Suqqu, one on neutral eyeshadows. What about Suqqu neutral eyeshadows? Wondegondigo has checked all the boxes with her review of the Suqqu Mitsucha eyeshadow quad.

Summer is coming up, also known as humid swamp weather that requires a setting powder if you don’t want all your makeup to slide off (or is that just me?). The Non-Blonde has shared her favorite translucent powders, including a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released Rouge Bunny Rouge Loose Powder (ooh, gimme!).

Last week I mentioned the new option for international shipping from Sephora, and this week Pigmented Lips (who is actually in the UK) has shared her thoughts on it too – but is a little less thrilled about it than some.

I’ve wondered if the Popsugar Must Have box deserves a spot in my subscription box rotation, and Brightest Bulb in the Box has a review up for it – complete with the hilariously inappropriate analogies that keep me checking her website every day.

For the upcoming vacation season (ohhh, I’m already counting down the days!) Because I’m Addicted has a super-quick list of tips for packing.

And related to my other addiction, Worshipblues has a giveaway going that’s perfect for lovers of fine stationery – it’s only got a few days left to enter though!


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