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Finally: New Givenchy Le Rouge Colors


I was stalking the Givenchy page on Sephora to see if they had the new Le Rouge lipsticks from the summer collection and saw that Le Rouge had been moved up to the top of the ‘New’ page. You know what they do have though? The shades that used to only be available internationally, along with some other new ones!  I’ve been saying for ages that they should come out with more colors, and now they have! There are a dozen new shades, bringing the permanent line up to twenty-four. I don’t see the limited editions summer ones on there yet though, unfortunately.

Givenchy Le Rouge new shades

The new-to-us shades are:

  • 105 Brun Vintage (formerly UK exclusive)
  • 106 Nude Guipure (new)
  • 107 Beige Caraco (new)
  • 108 Beige Deshabille (new)
  • 204 Rose Budoir (formerly UK exclusive)
  • 209 Rose Perfecto (new)
  • 210 Rose Dahlia (new)
  • 211 Rose Ruban (new)
  • 302 Hibiscus Exclusif (formerly Germany exclusive)
  • 303 Corail Decollete (formerly UK exclusive)
  • 305 Rouge Egerie (formerly France exclusive)
  • 317 Corail Signature (new)

I’m pretty sure the ones I listed new are actually new shades (I’ve never heard of them, at least), but please feel free to correct me if they’ve been available elsewhere before and I didn’t know it – especially if you know where to find swatches! You can see swatches of the UK-exclusive ones here, along with a bunch of the of the ones we’ve had access to the whole time.

According to the store locator my local Sephora doesn’t have the new ones in stock yet, but when they do I’ll definitely be making a swatching trip! Nude Guipure and Rose Perfecto are definitely on my to-try list. Which ones are you looking forward to trying?


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