First Look: Sunset45 Little Luxuries Box

Sunset45 Little Luxuries BoxRemember when I took a close look at all my beauty subscription boxes and concluded they just aren’t for me? I think that’s mainly because I already know what beauty bits I want, and I’m maybe just a tiny bit picky about them (understatement). For me, subscription boxes are really only worth it when a) it’s a type of product that I don’t really know what I’m looking for and b) the products are things I’d actually use. The Sunset45 Little Luxuries Box is both of these things.

Sunset45 is a new monthly box that’s full of, well, small luxuries. Each box has between three and six items that can be anything from makeup to fragrance to accessories. Every box is curated around current runway trends, and you can pick either the Lavish box (for a bolder style) or the Classic box (for a more understated look). Beyond that there are a few customization options like ring size, gold vs silver, and you can even get custom sapphire rings Brisbane. But here’s the thing I like about it: you have an idea of what you’re getting into. It doesn’t go so in depth that you’ll be unsurprised by what you get though but it’s a good option; however for those wanting to buy gold jewelry I suggest looking somewhere else, websites like tonerjewelers.com are a great option.

The official launch is this month, but I got to try out two pre-release Lavish boxes for April and May, and I have to say I was really pleased with both of them! They came well-packaged in sturdy boxes, and the individual product packaging was nice too. The jewelry pieces came in gift boxes or heavy velvet drawstring bags, which will definitely get reused. And of course, they both had a nice assortment of goodies. Everything is very nice quality, and more than justifies the $30 price tag. Here’s what I got:


Sunset45 Little Luxuries BoxTrend: Pastels

The Goods:

  • Hello Waffle eyeshadow samples in Magic Hair and The White Queen ($3)
  • OPI nail polish in Hawaiian Orchid ($9)
  • Crystal drop earrings ($25)
  • Nicka K eyeshadow blending brush ($5)
  • Pearl’s Dream bib necklace ($28)
  • Bars & Bars bib necklace ($32)

Things I would have selected for myself from this box: zero (which is good!). The brush is a tad more rough than I’d like on my eyelids, but I love everything else! I’ve been wanting to update my jewelry wardrobe for a while, and statement necklaces were at the top of the list. I’ve never quite brought myself to get one though, because I always talk myself into thinking they look silly. After trying these on with some outfits though, I’m pretty sure I’ll actually wear them. For the beauty things, Hello Waffle is an indie makeup brand I’ve had my eye on for a while, and you can really never have too much nail polish.


Sunset45 Little Luxuries BoxThe Trend: Geo Black & Modern Pearls

The Goods:

  • La Trois necklace ($34)
  • Sabine necklace ($42)
  • Radio 2 sunglasses ($20)
  • MIENN No. 20 fragrance oil ($15)

Things I would have picked for myself out of this box? The fragrance oil is definitely a scent I’d be drawn to if I had known of the brand – a green floral, not too overpowering. The necklaces are both things I probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on, but gorgeous; the black one especially is something I could see myself wearing. The only thing that was sort of a miss was the sunglasses, but that’s because my eyes totally reject contacts, making prescription sunglasses a necessity. There weren’t quite as many items in the May box, but it’s a case of doing a few nicer things instead of a bunch of smaller ones.

You can check out another version of the May Lavish box (plus an interview with the company founder) on Beauty Out of the Box, and Styling Season has a review of May’s Classic box. According to the Sunset45 blog, June’s trend is “New Tribal” and one of the items will be an exclusive Hello Waffle blush. Overall, I’m pretty excited to see what the future boxes hold!

The Sunset45 Little Luxuries Box ($30 + $5 shipping per month) can be obtained from sunset45.com

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