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Review: NARS 413blkr Blush

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You know when you have those things you think about getting, and decide against it? And then you put it back in your cart – and take it out. Repeat process. The NARS 413blkr blush was one of those things for me. All the swatches I’ve been seeing online look incredible, and and the color seems like it’s right up my alley. Of course, that’s part of the reason I kept waffling on it – I was afraid it would be too close to other shades I already have. Two things pushed me toward actually hitting the checkout button. For one, the Beauty Look Book is guilty (again) of sparking a bad case of the gimmes. Two, NARS had a promo at the time to get a mini-but-almost-full-size of their Deep Throat blush as a freebie. So really, how could I not?


NARS 413blkr blushThe case itself is the same compact you get with NARS other blushes – a very slim, matte, slightly rubberized black compact. There’s no question about it, NARS blushes are the most portable ones I own. I’ve been riding my bike to work a bit more recently and I put on my makeup when I get there, so these compacts are a huge space-saver. The big difference between 413blkr and any other shade obviously is the lid, which has the shade name printed on it.


NARS 413blkr blush413blkr is a really pretty, very slightly warm bright pink. Applied lightly it shows up as a natural flush, or you can use just a tad more for doll-like cheeks. It’s a great color to transition from spring to summer, actually – just the perfect amount of warmth to wear with springy-colored clothes (well, I tend to stay almost monochrome for all seasons, but you know what I mean).

The only problem with the color? Apparently I was right to worry that it would be similar to other blushes I have. Only one, but damn, it’s close: Burberry Coral Pink. NARS 413blkr is just a hair cooler and more muted in the pan, but when they’re swatched you have to be in good lighting and look really hard to see the difference.

NARS 413blkr blush vs Burberry Coral Pink

NARS 413blkr blush vs Burberry Coral Pink

Left: NARS 413blkr
Right: Burberry Coral Pink

Texture, application & wear

NARS 413blkr blushI’m happy to report that this shade is very consistent with the formula of the other NARS blushes I’ve tried. The pigmentation is very intense, so a soft brush and a light hand are both good things. The texture is a tiny bit on the dry side, but there wasn’t any powder kick-up. Thankfully this isn’t one of the shades with an overzealous use of glitter; it’s not totally matte, but it only has enough very fine shimmers to keep it from looking flat. After 10 hours it was still going strong, so the wear time won’t get any complaints from me.

In Short: Obviously not un-dupe-able, but this is a blush color just about everyone can – and should – use.

NARS 413blkr blush FOTD

NARS 413blkr blush ($30) is available exclusively at narscosmetics.com


  1. Emi at Project Swatch

    June 9, 2014 at 9:45 am

    Your skin looks really lovely here, so smooth!

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