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I know, I (usually) do a weekend roundup of my favorite posts, but I ran across this tag on Miss Makeup Magpie and couldn’t not do it. I love reading beauty blogs almost as much I love writing them, and obviously I can’t write about everything – so I want to share!

My favorite photography is from… Lipstick With Some Sunshine. Her layouts are always perfect, and her monochrome aesthetic really appeals to me.

My favorite reviews are from… The Non-Blonde. Every review is honest, no bullshit and never just a regurgitation of PR copy. Also, her perfume reviews are so poetic that they always make me want to run out and try whatever she’s talking about, even if it’s heavy on notes I don’t like.

My favorite writing style is from… Brightest Bulb in the Box. She’s definitely the most hilarious beauty bloggers I’ve ever read, especially her descriptions. The latest gem? “A cross between a bike tire and a sex toy.” I won’t spoil it by telling you what she was talking about.

My favorite blog theme is from… Lily Pebbles. It’s so clean and easy to look at.

My favorite fashion posts are from… The Pear Shape. She always looks so put together! I’m a pear shape too, so I always look to her first for fashion inspiration.

My favorite videos are from… Fleur de Force. She has a really good mix of reviews, favorites, hauls and lifestyle videos.

My favorite makeup posts are from… Messy Wands. Her looks are always totally flawless.

My favorite lifestyle posts are from… Cupcakes & Cashmere. Her recipes always make me drool, and I’m especially addicted to her “5 things” posts.

My favorite nail polish posts are from… The Beauty Look Book. Polish posts always have a mani, and excellent comparison swatches. Plus, dem perfect cuticles.

My favorite hair styling/care posts are from… The Unknown Beauty Blog. She’s been doing a great series on the fundamentals of cuts and colors lately.

I’m not going to tag anyone particular to do this, but feel free to add a link below if you do – I’m always looking for good stuff to read!

Title image courtesty of Rob Wright on flickr

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  1. olivia

    June 19, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Wow! Thanks for the mention! :-)

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