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Love & Hate: Nails Edition

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Love & Hate: Nails EditionI’ve never really been someone to rock a flawless manicure at all times, because it just takes a little too much upkeep. Now that summer’s here, I’ve been focusing a lot more on my toes than my fingers when it comes to nail stuff, because that’s a ‘cure I can manage to keep looking decent for at least a couple weeks. I was re-doing my toenails to prep for wearing my ancient but still adorable espadrille wedges (yes, of course they’re black!) and it turned out to be enough of an emotional event for me to share with you.

I had to remove what was left of my old nail polish, and I discovered that I pretty much despise my Beauty Secrets Acetone Nail Polish Remover. I picked it up one day because I was out of my normal Cutex remover, and it was a pretty big bottle for the price ($1.79). Great deal, right? Except this may be the most useless nail polish remover I’ve ever used. I’ve been trying to suffer through it, but thirty minutes and ten cotton pads later, I’ve decided this relationship is over. I’ve heard great things about Formula X Delete, so maybe I’ll try that next. If for some reason you too want to spend half an hour swearing at your feet, you can get the Beauty Secrets remover at Sally.

On the other hand, Trind Caring Color Nail Lacquer may one of my new favorite polishes. The weird, tall, flared cap actually makes it a lot easier to apply since I can brace it against my hand. It self-levels well and is almost opaque in one coat, which makes for easy touch-ups (an excellent thing since I’m lazy and usually go weeks between pedicures). Best of all it stays on for a pretty long time before it shows wear – 5 days on my fingers and more like 8-10 on my toes – so it doesn’t need constant upkeep. This shade is Miss O’Hara, which is a really pretty red/pink from their summer lineup for this year. Unfortunately I don’t know of any major retailers in the US that carry it, but you can get it from ($13) in the US and Nail Polish Canada in… Canada.

The Trind nail polish was provided by the company for consideration. As always the opinions here are 100% mine, because this is a bullshit-free zone.

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