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Cherry Blossoms

Just wanted to pop in and say, no, I have not abandoned you! I haven’t posted in a while – things to do, people to see, etc, etc. BUT – I have lots of things ticking away in my brain that I want to tell you about. Things I’m excited about, and that means I’m going to yammer at you about them. A small selection:

  • Revamped Burberry eyeshadow formula
  • My visit to the Bite Lip Lab (finally!) and to NYC in general
  • Zapping your face with electricity (on purpose)
  • My shopping list for Nordstrom mascara madness (don’t know the dates yet but it’s usually in early May)
  • A boatload of reviews

Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea. Soon, you guys. Soon.


Title photo by Jeff Kubina via flickr

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