Sephora Beauty Before Brunch: VIB Rouge 4x Points Event

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VIB Rouge 4x Points EventIt’s that time again! Emails haven’t gone out yet, but the registration page for Sephora’s fall Beauty Before Brunch Event is up. Here are the details on the US event:


  • Aug 2nd, 2015 9-11AM
  • RSVP by July 31st
  • Online Aug 3rd-9th (update: no code needed, the points will automatically be credited to your account)


  • 4x Points on all purchases for VIB Rouge
  • Goody bag at the event


For everyone else:

According to rumors on the Sephora forums the Rouge event for Canada will probably take place in the evening the same day, but the registration site isn’t up yet. BUT – if you check it says ‘this event is in testing mode’, which is the same thing the US event page said before it went live.

Update: The Rouge event for Canada will be on August 5th, 7-9pm, RSVP by August 3rd at the link above.

But what about BI’s & VIB’s? I haven’t seen any definite information on it yet, but usually during point multiplier events BI’s get 2x and VIB’s get 3x starting a couple days later. I’ll keep stalking the forums and the registration page for more info!

Update (7/27): I received my email today and it confirms that BI’s will get double points and VIB’s will get triple points August 2nd-9th.


I don’t have a huge shopping list, but I’m definitely going to re-stock my Hourglass Immaculate foundation, which I just ran out of recently. And holy cow you guys, this will be my THIRD bottle, which will officially make it my most-repurchased foundation ever. I’ve also been wanting a tomato-red blush for a long time, so this may be the perfect excuse to pick one up. My eye is on NARS Exhibit A or Urban Decay Bang (if anyone has recommendations for one over the other, please tell). I’ve recently fallen in love with Armani Si (the eau de parfum version), but I may wait and pick that up later from Fragrancenet since they run 15-25% off promotions basically all the time. What’s on your shopping list?



  1. Jane

    July 26, 2015 at 1:15 am

    Are you going to review the Skindinavia setting sprays? I have been waiting :)

    1. Nikki

      July 26, 2015 at 3:20 pm

      Yup! They take a little longer to test since I have to try them out with different foundations/temperature/humidity/indoors vs outdoors, etc. Definitely want to make sure I’m not giving out any bad info.

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