Saying Goodbye to Glasses

Saying Goodbye to Glasses

Yup, it’s happening, look what i found. Assuming all goes according to plan, I’ll be getting my eyeballz lasered at the end of December and (hopefully) kissing goodbye to my glasses forever. Or, at least until I eventually need reading glasses.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike how I look in glasses and I never had any traumatic childhood experiences because of them (I can’t remember being called four-eyes even once!). I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts since I was 12 so at this point it’s no big deal from a fashion standpoint. But they’re just kind of a hassle to deal with, especially now that contacts hurt my eyes too much to wear daily. A list of stuff I’m looking forward to:

  • Just putting my sunglasses on top of my head when I go into the store, instead of having to switch them out with my regular glasses.
  • Being able to run without pushing my glasses up every 20 seconds – my sunglasses stay on well, but that doesn’t help when I run after dark.
  • Cooking any type of fried food without having to go scrub my lenses immediately afterward.
  • Not having permanent red indentations on the bridge of my nose. Those will go away eventually, right? Please tell me they do!
  • Wearing headphones all day at work without the arms of my glasses digging into the sides of my head.
  • Not paying $100+ for new lenses (and don’t even start with frames, ugh).
  • Coming inside from the cold without fogging up (same goes for opening the dishwasher mid-cycle)
  • Not feeling like I need windshield wipers anytime I go out in the rain.
  • Getting a new driver’s license picture when I go in to have the corrective lens restriction removed!

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So on and so forth. The only thing I’m not totally thrilled with is I can’t do LASIK since my corneas don’t have a uniform enough thickness to cut the flap. Instead I have to have PRK, a type of laser eye surgery where they laser tissue off the surface of the cornea. It’s better in some ways – no risk of a flap opening up in the future – but it has a longer recovery time and supposedly is much more painful. I feel like it’ll be worth it though.

I did a glasses tips post a while back, but if you have any more glasses-related requests send ’em over! That clock’s running out (woohoo!).

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