Radar Report: Beauty Releases That Have Me Curious

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Radar Report: Beauty Releases That Have Me Curious



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We might be past all the hype and hoopla of holiday makeup collections and their to-die-for packaging, but the seasonal lull doesn’t mean nothing interesting is going on. I’ve seen a few things lately that’ve piqued my interest – and therefore you need to know about them. Some of the upcoming, new or just new-to-me things that I’ve had my eye on lately.


Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift

The Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift is a new facial massage device that touts all sorts of benefits, from increasing the absorption of your skincare products right down to improving wrinkles and sagging skin. The technology is based on research conducted by L’Oreal which I tracked down here (free full text). I’m always pretty fascinated by anti-aging devices that work by actually improving your skin instead of just masking the visible signs of aging, so I’m really curious about how well this one works. Alas, the firming massage head ($54) is only compatible with their Smart Profile devices, which I don’t have. The full kit with the Smart Profile device, massage head, and cleansing brush heads runs $349, so I’ll probably sleep on that for a good while.

Clarisonic Foundation Brush Head

They’ve also released a new Sonic Foundation Brush ($35) that is compatible with the non-Smart-Profile devices. I for one am thrilled about this. I’ve seen a few motorized blending brushes here and there, but my curiosity didn’t overcome the price tag. This one, on the other hand, is pretty affordable in comparison, and I can pop it right onto the Mia FIT (reviewed here) that I already have. The way I see it, this gives you twice as much use out of your fancy cleansing device. And yes, I’ve already ordered one so a review will be happening ASAP.


Rae Morris



Holy cow am I ever excited about the new Rae Morris brush line! The Jishaku by Rae Morris brushes will still have the magnetic base that her current lineup has, but they’re switching to a manufacturer in Japan – aka the best brush makers in the world. They haven’t said who the OEM is, just that it’s one of the true masters of the craft, but I think the foundation brush looks suspiciously similar to the Koyudo fu-pa02. Just sayin’.  The #4 Square Kabuki is still a staple in my everyday routine, so I’m itching to get my hands on some of these. No release date yet as far as I know.


The Ordinary

Colours by The Ordinary

I don’t have too much information about this other than the teaser from their website, but it appears The Ordinary will be releasing a new foundation range aptly named Colours. I actually haven’t tried a single, solitary product from them yet, but I’ve read rave reviews. Even better, they all look to be extremely well-formulated with great packaging design at drugstore prices. You can never have too many choices for foundation, so I’m really eager to see what these are like.


Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Recently I was browsing the Kendo website for some reason that I don’t even vaguely remember at this point. While I was there I noticed they had a ‘coming soon’ section, which points you to this blurb about Rihanna releasing a makeup line this fall. Kendo is the beauty incubator behind Bite Beauty, Kat Von D makeup and Marc Jacobs beauty. They all make some fantastic products (despite my initially poor first impression of the Marc Jacobs launch) so I have really high hopes for this brand. No information about the launch date other than ‘Fall 2017’ but this article says it will be available at Sephora. Unsurprising, considering Kendo is under the LVMH umbrella and their other brands all started as Sephora exclusives.


Have you heard any juicy rumors or seen something you’re excited to try out? Leave a comment below!









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