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Real Talk: Beauty Gurus Should Not Be Playing Doctor

Let me qualify that title a little bit: beauty gurus, feel free to play doctor with a consenting adult partner all you want. But let’s leave the medical advice to the real professionals, shall we? For those of you who’re wondering what prompted this, I’ll fill you in. Today is the launch of Tati Westbrook’s (GlamLifeGuru) new ‘beauty line’, Halo Beauty, which as of now consists of one product: a $40 bottle of vitamins. What? Ok, as someone who writes  ...

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The Dry Shampoo Edit

  A few weeks ago I talked a bit about my new IGK hair routine on instagram, and my friend @ohthewerewolf had some questions about the Jet Lag dry shampoo and how it compared to some others she’s using right now. Well, let’s just say she inspired me. I needed a travel size dry shampoo anyway since I doubt the TSA would look kindly on that huge spray can in my carry on, so instead of buying one – I got four. Well, three and a deluxe mini (the Drybar one). Combine that  ...

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Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets Swatches & Review

  It’s no secret to long-time readers that I am in love with Burberry makeup, especially their powder products. The blushes are incredible, and I’ve got more eyeshadow singles from them than any other brand. One thing that never really took off in my collection though is their lipsticks. That’s the one category of makeup I’m hesitant to buy online sight-unseen, partly because I’m finicky about textures, partly because there’s a high risk of  ...

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Everything You Need to Know: Sonia G Fundamental Brush Set

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly need any more makeup brushes…. Honestly, I really did think my collection was pretty complete. Or at least, that I had all the basics covered, and anything additional would be for special treats & just for the joy of collecting. Well. One of my long-time favorite beauty bloggers, Sonia of Sweet Makeup Temptations, just surprised us all by releasing her very own brush line. Appropriately, it’s named Sonia G. Normally beauty guru  ...

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Let’s Hear It For The Girls – PMD Beauty For Your Décolleté

This post is sponsored by PMD & the PRIMP network; all opinions are my own.    Beauty magazines have been warning us for years that all the anti-aging face cream in the world won’t help much with that youthful glow if you don’t take care of the rest of your skin. I’ve always had sort of a ‘well, duh’ attitude toward those columns because, well – duh. Apparently I was being a little too cocky though. I keep to a fairly strict routine for my face  ...

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