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Review: Myotone Facial Toning System

About two weeks in:   The differences are subtle, but definitely noticeable (at least to me). The main things I saw: The skin on my forehead – it feels much more taut. The deeper horizontal lines are still there, but overall it’s less droopy. ‘Turkey neck’ area – I still have a bit of sagging under the chin (and tbh some of that’s probably due to my level of fitness, or lack thereof), but it does seem less noticeable now. Around my jawline –  ...

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Review: Dinair Personal Pro Airbrush Kit

Even though I am most definitely not a professional makeup artist, I’ve been thinking off and on for a couple years about getting an airbrush kit. I mean, it just seems like the height of badassery in makeup, right? That’s a sign of serious addiction dedication right there. Before I was able to make up my mind on one, Dinair offered to send a kit for review, which made the decision process simple. Ummm, yes please! The compressor itself is much more compact than I expected it to  ...

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