Swatches: Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush

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Swatches: Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush

A while back I did a review for Burberry blush in Rose, and I’ve gotten a few more colors since then. I don’t feel like I need to do full reviews on them since the formula is remarkably consistent – they’re all soft, pigmented, blendable and long-wearing. I do want to show you some swatches though, since it’s always nice to see how different colors compare to each other.

Burberry blush swatches: Blossom, Cameo, Rose, Hydrangea Pink

Top to bottom we have:

  • Blossom – a pinky coral. There’s a bit of shimmer, but it doesn’t look glittery on the cheeks at all.
  • Cameo – dusty rose pink. It’s the most matte one of the shades I have.
  • Rose – rosy warm pink. It’s right in that Goldilocks zone of not too warm and not too cool, so it coordinates well with a wide range of lip and eye looks.
  • Hydrangea Pink – fuchsia pink. Definitely the boldest and brightest of the group.

None of the shades above are limited edition, but Blossom is (as far as I know) sold out at the time of this post. Rumor says Burberry has had some manufacturing issues recently, but hopefully the recent release of their summer collection means they’ve resolved things. Hopefully we’ll be seeing hard to find favorites like Blossom blush and Pale Barley eyeshadow on the counters soon, along with their fall stuff. You can find the currently available colors at and

Don’t forget, tomorrow (8/31/13) is the last day to enter the goody bag giveaway!

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