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40 Before 40 Progress: Bloomington, IN

Just under a year ago – and just a few months before my 35th birthday – I realized I only have a few years to go before I hit that black balloon holiday. (Which is entirely fine with me, btw. Black is my favorite color.) I’m all about experiences, so I compiled my list of things I’d like to do by the time I turn 40. This past Memorial Day weekend I got to check a couple of those off! One of the most ambitious projects on that list (could be a bucket list on its own,  ...

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Sephora Spring Bonus Picks

It’s that magical time of year again! That time where Sephora has a straight up percent-off discount on everything so you can do your seasonal beauty refresh without totally destroying your bank account. Details: Rouge: 20% off, 4/26 – 5/6 with code HEYROUGE VIB: 15% off, 5/2 – 5/6 with code HEYVIB BI: 10% off, 5/2 – 5/6 with code HEYINSIDER As usual, here’s an updated list of the things I think are worth serious consideration when you’re making up that  ...

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Five Ways to Kill Houseplants

For years I was convinced I was bad at plants – just 100% black thumb. The african violets in my dorm room died a slow, painful death. None of the cuttings from my mom’s christmas cactus made it for more than a few weeks. My miniature cactus withered and died. The problem? I didn’t realize different kinds of plants need different care. Also, laziness.  Fast forward a few years. I have a good friend who’s a total plant lady. Really, check out her instagram for  ...

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The Yoga Mat to Buy (and ones you shouldn’t)

Remember earlier this year when I talked about getting serious with taking charge of my health? Well, so far it’s working! I put down the sweets (mostly) and slowly ramped up the exercise to where I’m getting some sort of workout most days. I have to say, it’s been an interesting journey – I’m a little surprised out how much my routine has evolved just over the past couple months. I started out on the elliptical a few times a week for the low impact, but  ...

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I’m giving the Fossil Sport a hard pass

I have a lot of feelings right now, so I’m just going to dive right into this review without the usual opening fluff. I’ve been shopping for a new fitness/smartwatch for a while, and was having a bit of a crisis whether to go with a Garmin (which I’m familiar with and like) or something on Google’s WearOS platform. A couple weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger on the Fossil Sport, which runs on WearOS. On paper, it ticks all the boxes I wanted to be ticked: Steps & heart  ...

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