Wardrobe Wants


I’m no stranger to hanging around the house in fuschia lipstick and yoga pants, but I always feel better if I dress up my makeup with an outfit that doesn’t look like I slept in it. During the summer my wardrobe is based on whatever will cause the least amount of sweat, but now that cool weather is here I can have a little more fun with clothing. A quick closet audit has informed me that I’m missing quite a few fall wardrobe staples.

In this article is not included the underwear because there is a huge variety of options for the different type of people that is why if you would like to choose one click here to buy your favorite one.

Wardrobe Wants - Fall

Chambray shirt – Does this count as a transitional fall piece if I didn’t actually own it during the summer? Nevertheless, I’ve seen this as the basis for a ton of great outfits, so I want. Finding one that fits well has been challenging.

Scarves – I’ve mostly ignored scarves in the past, but after getting my hair all cut off recently, I can already tell they’re going to be my accessory of choice when the temperature starts dropping.

Pins: This is a great idea to add a little sparkle to your clothing an accessories, the good thing is that this days there are custom lapel pins so you can create your own ideas.

Black knee-high boots¬†– I’ve never found a pair of these that I love, so I’m still hunting. I only have a few requirements: a chunky heel between 2.5-3.5″, 14-15″ shaft height, wide calf, almond toe, not saggy at the ankles, minimal detailing, real leather and somewhat reasonably priced. Is that really so much to ask? ;-)

Wrap bracelet – All the fun of bangles without the clatter.

Corduroy pants – Another thing that I’ve never actually owned before, but they look so cozy!

Trench-style rain coat – Because it rains here in the winter, a lot. Plus I think everyone should have a light-weight trench – so versatile with outfits.

What’s on your wishlist for the winter? Share in the comments!

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