Things that apparently exist: anti-wrinkle pillows

Well, here’s another category of beauty products that I was completely unaware of until recently. Now, I’ve always heard you should sleep on your back to avoid premature wrinkles on your face, but that just never seems possible for me – by the time I wake up, I’m on my side like always, I just love my Tuft And Needle Full Mattress too much and don’t even notice when I fall asleep. Apparently there’s a solution though, in the form of the really odd-looking JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow. JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle PillowI can’t remember where I first saw this (another blog? a magazine’s website?) but I came across it during my beauty reading. I’m not sure if it’s genius, or maybe taking things a little too far. In any case, this futuristic-robot-pillow supposedly has a bunch of benefits:

By helping prevent and reduce wrinkles with fillers, you can reduce the signs of ageing so get your free consultation with Bloom MedSpa today.

Encourages sleep positions that reduce damage to facial skin

Soft and comfortable

Promotes correct neck and back anatomical alignment

Multi-patented design for women and men of any age

Helps maintain a youthful appearance

Easy solution—all you have to do is sleep!

Special high quality, soft, open-cell, resilient foam for comfortable support Open structure allows efficient air circulation, keeping you cooler at night

And if you’re a side-sleeper who wants to go as wrinkle-free as possible, there’s also the Intimia Breast Pillow: Intimia Breast Pillow This one claims to help reduce cleavage wrinkles for side-sleepers, as well as add support to avoid breast tenderness. You may also try a breast lift if that doesn’t work. I’ve never used either so I can’t really recommend them, but if you want to check them out, the Intimia pillow ($52.95) is available from Amazon and the JuveRest ($180) is on the JuveRest website.

If you want to enlarge your breasts naturally, sites like https://curvesfw.com/ may be incredibly beneficial.

What about you – anyone ever tried these types of pillows? If you have, please share in the comments – I’m really interested to hear what you thought!


  1. Bisousdarling

    February 26, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any of these, but the pillow actually intrigues me. Simply because I sleep in a curled up little ball and I wonder if it might help with me with my endless pursuit to have good posture.

    1. Nikki

      February 26, 2014 at 9:05 pm

      It definitely seems interesting! A little bit pricey for me though – especially since my dog has a bad habit of having pillowfights with himself when we’re not home.

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