Saturday Link Love: Season 2, Ep 12


Saturday Link Love: Season 2, Ep 12

Can it pleeeeeeaaase be summer already? I really don’t have any right to complain since my winter is a lot more mild than the snowpocalypse some people get, but I still am way past ready for warm weather to get here. From the looks of my blog feed this week, so is everyone else.

No matter how much I whine about it, fact is we’re still in the clutches of winter and winter skin. Lipglossiping has just the thing to perk it up though – Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid Base.

I thought for sure we’d seen pretty much all the new stuff that’s coming out for summer, but it seems Armani has sneaked a few things in at the last minute. Color Me Loud has photos and swatches of the new Armani eyeshadow singles, and they’re fab.

Not as if I need another brow product or anything, but I’m highly interested in The RAEviewer‘s review of the new Dolce & Gabbana Shaping Eyebrow Pencils. Reminds me a bit of the Hourglass pencil, which I loved but none of the colors worked for me.

For summer nails I love the look of Dior’s Voyage Transatlantique polishes, and after seeing Yacht on The Beauty Look Book I’m pretty sure I must have it.

Orange lips are the thing this season, and Bisous Darling is here with a tutorial on how to do it right.

Cupcakes & Cashmere is giving us a way to at least pretend it’s warming up out, with recipes for the most non-boring toast ever.


Title photo by my husband, from when we were in San Juan last year. Wish we were still there!

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