Saturday Link Love: Season 2, Ep 16


Saturday Link Love: Season 2, Ep 16

This week has been a little bit insane with the Allure contest going on! Even though I didn’t really have to do anything except remind everyone to vote – speaking of which, please vote for me! <insert cheesy grin> – I’ve kind of been on the edge of my seat anyway. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll make it to round two!

A random thought – is anyone interested in a Q&A video? I’ve been thinking of doing one, so if you want, send me your questions in the comments/twitter/facebook/instagram/email and I’ll do a video when I have enough. Ask anything you want! I had considered suggesting the hashtag #askNikki, but it turns out there’s a mid-Ohio dating website by that name. Who knew?

I’ve been really into subscription boxes lately, so I was interested to see the spring Luxe Box on Stylish & Literate. My hopes were dashed when I discovered it’s only available in Canada right now, but really it’s just as well as far as my wallet.

In the category of ‘things I’ve been really into’ we also have liquid & creme eyeliner. I’m on a mission to learn how to do winged liner in under 20 minutes, and so far it’s not going too well. My Lorac liquid liner is finally starting to run out, I think, so I’ve been looking into new ones. Lancome Artliners have been on my short list, and Stealing Beauty may have talked me into it.

When I swatched the new Guerlain Rouge G’s a couple weeks ago, Rose Grenat was definitely my favorite of the bunch. Now there are photos up on Mostly Sunny that make me want it even more. I’ve been trying to refrain from getting more lipsticks though, so I should probably just live vicariously through her.

This week apparently is the week for nails – or maybe I’m just more interested in them than usual right now. Rocaille Writes has some really pretty ideas for the Pantone color of the year, and Beauty Blitz has a tutorial for ‘evil eye’ nail art. I should probably get off my butt, remove my horrible chipped nail polish and actually try some of these out.

Since summer is just around the corner, Liana Beauty has a roundup of light-weight foundations. One of them is Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, which I just got a sample of the other day. My first reaction is love, but it may not have quite enough coverage for me.

Also perfect for casual summer looks is the cross-body bag. The Pear Shape has a guide for choosing a flattering one – an idea that never would have occurred to me before (I just use whatever). But it makes total sense, so now I’m off to check my bags and make sure they don’t accentuate the wrong areas!


As usual, feel free to share any interesting posts with us in the comments, and send in yo’ questions!


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    April 20, 2014 at 5:30 am

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