New Stuff: Zoya Tickled & Bubbly Summer Collections

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Warm weather has me reaching for brighter polishes these days, and recently I received a treasure trove of polishes that fit the bill perfectly! I’m talking, of course, about the Tickled and Bubbly collections from Zoya’s summer 2104 lineup.

Tickled has a creme finish and Bubbly is a jelly base with holo shimmers. The fun thing about the sets is they correspond to each other so you can mix, match or layer them. Between them, there are a total of twelve shades:


  • Rocha – poppy red
  • Wendy – melon pink
  • Kitridge – bubblegum pink
  • Rooney – magenta
  • Ling – royal blue
  • Tilda – grasshopper green


  • Alma – pale yellow with gold shimmer
  • Jesy – coral with gold shimmer
  • Harper – warm pink with gold shimmer
  • Binx – orchid with gold and blue shimmer
  • Muse – royal blue with blue and silver shimmer
  • Stassi – lime with gold shimmer

I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t hugely excited about how these looked in the bottle – the cremes looked a little flat and pastel-y and the glitters didn’t look all that complex. On the fingers though, it’s a whole different story! The cremes are deeper and more vibrant than I expected, and the glitters catch the light in a really pretty way. When you layer them the colored jelly base of the glitter shades changes the color ever-so-slightly, basically making a whole new shade. Of course, you could layer them together whatever way you want to get a pretty huge number of options (I’m not going to math that, though). Here are some swatches for you:

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly Swatches

For the most part, the cremes are opaque in two coats. The only one that needed three was Kitridge, which went on just a tiiiiny bit streaky. The glitters have good coverage but are still a bit sheer in two coats. The layered swatches above are two coats of the creme followed by one coat of the glitter. I haven’t wear-tested all of these, but in my experience Zoya polishes are pretty easy to apply, if a bit on the thick side, and don’t have some of the chipping/shrinking issues that a lot of three-free and five-free polishes have.

So, my favorites of the bunch? I’m loving the Wendy+Jesy combo the most, but Rocha and Rooney are also calling my name. Which ones are your favorites?

The Zoya Tickled and Bubbly collections ($9 for each shade) are available at

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