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Review: Givenchy Terre Exotique Healthy Glow Powder

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Summer is here, and one of my big goals for the season is to not get too much of a tan. I’ve been much more successful at wearing sunscreen this year than I have been in the past – so successful, in fact, that I haven’t even had to buy darker foundation like I normally do. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to look sunkissed and glowing – I just don’t want the wrinkles and spots and potential cancer that come with too much sun exposure. So waaaay back in March when I saw photos of Givenchy’s Poudre Terre Exotique bronzer, I made up my mind to splurge on a bronzer to give me a summer glow – the savings in future cosmetic treatments will totally offset the cost, right?


Givenchy Poudre Terre ExotiqueThis is a big ol’ bronzer, let me tell you. The picture above is next to a full size NARS blush, to give you an idea of how big we’re talking about. It pretty much has to be a huge compact though, because it comes with a total product weight of .56oz/16g. I have entire eyeshadow palettes that don’t have that much in them. So I’m pretty sure I could use this on my face and shoulders for the rest of my life and never run out.

The compact is black acrylic with a copper logo and chain border. I’m not always a fan of plastic compacts, but in this case it’s sort of a necessity – otherwise it might be so heavy you’d need steel-toe boots in case you drop it. The glossy finish shows fingerprints like crazy, of course, but I’ve decided not to let myself be bothered by that. The clasp is very secure but not difficult to open, and the inside of the huge lid is lined with an equally huge mirror.

Givenchy Poudre Terre Exotique


Givenchy Poudre Terre ExotiqueThe powder itself is a medium golden tan. Even though it doesn’t have that deep Oompa Loompa orange undertone that some bronzers have, it’s definitely not a contour shade. At first I was still afraid it would be too orangey, but as it turns out, it does a nice job of faking the warm tones that show up in my skin if I tan naturally.

If you love the color, it’s worth mentioning that this is the same thing as Givenchy’s Poudre Bonne Mine powder in 02 Douce Croisiere ($50), which is part of the permanent lineup. I’d still go with the Terre Exotique (obvs) because it has the fancy pattern and you get more than twice as much bronzer for the $16 price difference, but the Poudre Bonne Mine will give you the exact same effect.

Texture, application & wear

Givenchy Poudre Terre Exotique swatch

Heavy swatch

Givenchy Poudre Terre Exotique swatch

Heavy swatch, blended

The texture and finish on this bronzer are glorious, there’s really no other way to describe it. The powder is really densely packed in the pan, so you don’t really pick up a whole lot in one swipe. I consider this a good thing, because I’d much rather build up the color slowly than accidentally use too much. On the skin there’s just enough of a sheen to not be flat, but no visible shimmers. It blends out beautifully, with no harsh edges. I like to apply it with a dense-ish soft brush, usually a smaller one since I use it mainly along my hairline and cheekbones; so far, I’ve mostly been using the Wayne Goss 02 or Chikuhodo R-C2. I haven’t noticed any fading over the course of a normal 8-10 hour wear.

In Short: I don’t have any other bronzers than this one, and I don’t think I need any.

Givenchy Poudre Terre Exotique FOTD

Givenchy Terre Exotique Healthy Glow Powder ($66) is available at sephora.com and barneys.com


    1. Nikki

      June 29, 2014 at 10:16 pm

      Thanks! I’ve been using it like a madman lately :-)

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