Weekend Reading #23

San Francisco

Happy weekend! Even though last week was a short week for me it still felt like it took forever, so I’m looking forward to the holiday next weekend. And after that – vacation! I’m seriously counting down the days until we head out to California. Is it to soon to start packing?

One of the things I’m going to check out ASAP when I get to San Francisco is the Burberry Summer Showers collection for this season. The Beauty Look Book has swatches of the nail polishes and lip balms – and as usual, fantastic comparison swatches. I’m fairly sure I need Pink Peony everything in my life.

Another summer collection that looks awesome is the ArtDeco Miami collection, which Makeup4All has promo images of. Believe it or not I haven’t actually tried anything from ArtDeco yet, but I’m really interested to see how the eyeshadow pencils hold up against my other favorites and the lipstick/crayon hybrid things intrigue me.

A lipstick that I probably would have skipped over entirely are the Clinique Soft Matte lipsticks, but I stumbled across them on Buy Now Blog Later, and they look absolutely stunning. I’m a sucker for a demi-matte lipstick, so these are going on my list o’ things to test at Sephora.

Another thing that I may also check out at Sephora is the new Benefit They’re Real Push-Up liner. Tracy from Beauty Reflections didn’t really enjoy it, despite the hype, and honestly I don’t expect to either. But I got an email from Sephora this morning about a sample for it (code PUSHUP) so if it’s still around the next time I make an order I may grab it. I’ve been holding strong on my low buy, but I do need to pick up a new bottle of Hourglass Immaculate….

If you’ve been looking for an updated perfume shopping guide for NYC, The Non-Blonde has a fresh version up for you. It’s enough to fill up an entire week! I haven’t had the chance to visit any of them (seeing as I’ve never actually been to New York), but I have ordered from Twisted Lily before and they were incredibly helpful with my questions – amazing customer service.

I also really want to check out This is Ground, a leather accessories brand I heard about via Farpitzs. The Explorer Mod folio claims to be for ‘outdoorsmen’ but do those loops look like they’re the perfect size for lipstick or what?


Title image courtesy of Chistopher Chan on flickr





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