Weekend Reading #26

Fall FashionTitle image courtesy of Christopher Macsurak via flickr

File under: Things I Want But Don’t Need – YSL Fusion Ink foundation. As usual, I blame Cafe Makeup for making it sound so nice. Normally I’d stay away from this one because denatured alcohol is pretty high on the ingredients list, but so is Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, and that surprisingly hasn’t bothered my skin. Guess I’ll be headed to Sephora for a sample of yet another YSL foundation this weekend.

In the same category go the new Charlotte Tilbury preview sets from Net-A-Porter, which you can see on The Beauty Look Book. The Bigger, Brighter Eyes set is so tempting because I’ve been eyeing the Sophisticate palette (terrible pun totally intended) but realistically I know I probably won’t use the eyeliners, and I think we all know another lash curler is the last thing I need. I’m really looking forward to next month when the full line is released at US retailers though!

In other foundation news – the Style & Beauty Doctor has release info on the new Dior Star Foundation. I’m pretty interested in the skincare actives (reduce pigment spots? yes please!) but this line also looks like great news for beauty addicts with very deep skin tones. I’m lucky enough to fall in the exact center of every foundation shade range ever, but I’m incredibly glad to see that brands are finally starting to come out with foundation options on the far ends of the spectrum. We need more of this.

You’ve almost certainly see this on facebook/twitter/whatever by now, but I’m going to post it again because it’s awesome – a video of what UV-damaged skin really looks like. Is it weird that I kind of really want a UV camera so I can make sure I’m not missing spots with my sunscreen?

For whatever reason fall always makes me want to update my wardrobe, so I’ve been paying a lot of attention to style blogs lately. Conveniently, Into Mind has a great post & graphic on how to keep your wardrobe updated year round which makes me feel that my decision to buy a trench coat in August was completely justified. So there.

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