Weekend Reading #27

Tom Ford Nude Dip

If you’re super tired of hearing about the Tom Ford Nude Dip quad, I apologize in advance – I know I’ve mentioned it about a million times since I first saw the photos on instagram. There’s so much hype about it that they’ve been hard to get, so Full Time Ford has kindly posted some places that may have one in stock. I ordered mine from Deborah at the Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. Not sure if they still have stock, but she was a pleasure to work with, so it’s worth checking! The number there is 415.362.3900

One new eyeshadow palette that flew completely under my radar is the Rouge Bunny Rouge Chronos Raw Garden palette – how did I not know about this? The shades may be a little too metallic for my taste, but the formula of their shadows is really nice. Mostly Sunny has a look a the new palette, with comparison swatches.

Since I can’t try out every makeup thing in the whole world (I can damn well try, though), here’s a comparison of five liquid eyeliners that I don’t have – but the Beauty Look Book does.

I had no idea this existed – a bracelet that tells you when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen (via Fashion Hotbox)! Why oh why did I not know about this earlier in the summer? I’m not 100% sure that I like the look of the device itself – the casing looks a bit like something you’d find in the princess aisle at the toy store – but it’s a neat idea anyway.

And finally just for giggles – the British Beauty Blogger has rounded up some products whose names never should have made it past the brainstorming session. I feel like I should add ColorStay Moisture Stains to the list… it doesn’t bring pleasant images to mind.




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