New Stuff: Tom Ford Lips & Boys Collection

I personally hate Black Friday – any event that usually results in senior citizens getting trampled, or having gunshots fired over parking spots (no, seriously, that happened one year when I worked at the mall)… well that event gets a big fat NO in my book. So most years find me snoozing away the wee hours following Thanksgiving, but this year things are gonna be different because check this out:

Tom Ford Lips & Boys

On November 28th at 12:01AM, Tom Ford will be releasing a limited edition collection of 50(!) clutch-sized lipsticks, each named after a man in Tom’s life. Here are all the relevant factoids for you.

When & Where

Nov 28-Dec 1:

Dec 1 only: Select online retailers – no details on which ones, but I’m guessing Saks, Neiman Marcus, (maybe?) Nordstrom and Selfridges.

Dec 26: Select stores and online – again, I’m guessing most places that have a Tom Ford counter and online retailers that carry the line. Presumably they’ll be available until they sell out at that point.

Moral of the story here? This is already getting hyped up big-time and the purchase windows are short, so if you’re planning on giving these as a holiday gift, go ahead and save that credit card to your account!


How much?

Each clutch-sized (ie, mini) lipstick will retail for $32. They’ll be available individually, or in sets of 3 or the full set of 50.

Now, a large portion of the makeup internet is pretty outraged at that price point, and fo’ real, it’s not cheap. But – I have it from a good source (Full Time Ford) that the Lips & Boys lipsticks are 2g, instead of the typical 3g for a full size Tom Ford lipstick. So they aren’t proportionally more expensive.

Also, think about the sets. Assuming there’s no discount (which there usually isn’t), a set of three will be $96 plus whatever sales tax you have. So you could get

a) two full size lipsticks, which is 6g for $100, in two colors

b) three clutch size lipsticks, which is 6g for $96, in three colors

So personally I think if you were going to splurge on lipsticks as a holiday gift for yourself or someone else, the Lips & Boys collection is the way to go. It’s a teensy bit cheaper for the same amount of product AND you get more variety. I find it pretty hard to use up lipsticks anyway (I have quite a few to rotate), so I think this is actually pretty perfect as far as getting a convenient size and actually having a chance of using all the lipstick I paid for.


More info

If you need to devour all the information there is about this collection, there’s a great interview on WWD with Tom Ford himself, and Full Time Ford has press images, the ad campaign, and of course additional commentary. You can also sign up to be notified when the collection launches at the Tom Ford website.

Me? I’ve got my eye on Michael, Richard and Luciano, so I’ll be resisting the turkey coma to wait up for these. I had hoped there’d be one with my husband’s name, but alas, no.

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  1. Z. Andrews

    November 18, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    Thank you for your post on the TF collection! I’am one of those who thinks this is a great way to try out the TF lipsticks. This is a luxury brand, so the fact that their even doing this type of product launch is awesome! It gives those who have not purchased at $50 bucks a pop, the chance to try it out! I already own several TF shades and I’am still exciting about this launch, I think even more so than the Audacious craze every one has been on in the last few months! I will be picking up several shades if they don’t sell out before I can get to them! As far as the size, yes it’s a little smaller than full size, but they will not be tiny either.

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