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Sephora’s at it again: black|Up Cosmetics coming soon

black|Up Cosmetics Sephora

You remember how I mentioned the other day that I’m loving Sephora’s expanded brand offerings? Well, apparently they’re not finished quite yet. Starting on September 1st, the French cosmetics brand black|Up will be available online at Sephora. According to their instagram, they’ll also launch at 10 stores on September 15th:

  • Lenox Square
  • Perimeter
  • Cumberland
  • Jackson
  • Lakeside Louisiana
  • Mall of Millenia Orlando
  • Towson
  • Chestnut St. Philadelphia
  • Brooklyn
  • Culver City

So far I haven’t seen any information on whether there are plans to make the line available in additional stores later. Let’s hope so, though.

I actually didn’t know of this brand until today – much thanks to MerryKerry on reddit for spreading the word! It’s flown completely under my radar since my foundations are smack in the middle of most brands’ color range, and I’m not a professional makeup artist so I’m not generally doing makeup for other people. In my opinion (and I doubt I’m alone in this) Sephora should¬†already have a good selection of base products for deeper skin tones, but the sad fact is most luxury makeup brands just don’t have many choices for women of color. So I’m really excited to see that Sephora is taking this step to offer new products for all their customers. And even if the foundation range runs too deep for some, they also have a full line of color products that (obviously) will work for anyone.

I haven’t tried this brand myself, so if anyone has, definitely tell us your thoughts about it in the comments!




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  1. Mari

    November 25, 2015 at 6:58 am

    Oh I always get interested by ethnic makeup (and cosmetic in general) brands, as if I can find some kind of a gem there that Chanel and Dior doesn’t have :)
    I’ve seen this brand at Galeries Lafayette in Paris but didn’t purchase anything.


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