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Review: Becca Mineral Blush in Lantana

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Becca Mineral Blush Lantana Review

This was my ‘splurge’ from my recent Sephora haul – most of the other things I got were just repurchases of staple products, but I felt like I needed a pop of color in there. I’m pretty sure Becca Lantana qualifies.

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Becca Mineral Blush Lantana Review

Becca Mineral Blush Lantana Review

The compact for the Becca blushes ticks all the right boxes: small, thin, solid clasp and no unnecessary brush. I also really like the matte rubberized casing – it’s a lot like the NARS packaging in that way. Minor grumble: it’s little top-heavy – if you have the lid partially open it will tip over backward. I’m almost entirely sure no one will care about that unless they happen to be taking photos of it. It’s also a bit heavy for its size. Maybe that’s good or bad, depending on how you look at it. I’m a fan of solid, hefty packaging so it gets a thumbs up from me, but if you take things around for touch-ups you might not appreciate that. Also I realized while I was taking photos that it looks like a space ship. That’s not relevant in any way, but I thought it was amusing.


Becca Mineral Blush Lantana Review Swatches

Left: Heavy
Right: Blended

Becca Mineral Blush Lantana Review Swatches

Left to right: Chanel Intonation, Tom Ford Flush, Becca Lantana, Becca Lantana (blended)

I mentioned it in my haul video already, but I grabbed this because I’ve been needing a warm red blush to go with certain lipsticks. The Sephora here didn’t have it in yet, so I was going entirely off the stock photo on their website. It actually turned out quite a bit more orange than I expected, but it still works for what I wanted it for and that’s all that matters! It’s a nice poppy color but blends out to a slightly more pink shade. I don’t have anything similar, but I’ve swatched it with a couple other blushes just as an example. It has a slight sheen if you look at it really closely, but mostly it comes off as a matte finish.

Texture, application & wear:

Becca Mineral Blush Lantana Review

This is where I start having mixed feelings about this blush. It is intense. Of course I love good color payoff as much as the next girl, but after a certain point it gets overwhelming. Lantana crosses that line. Even the lightest tap of the softest blush brush I have is plenty of color, and even then I have to really keep an eye on how much I’m picking up. During the time I’ve been testing it I’ve definitely gone to work a couple times looking like a crazed porcelain doll. Fortunately my coworkers are nice enough not to say anything about it.

The texture is a bit dry and fairly hard – think Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes – but so far I haven’t run into the dreaded oil film over the top. Unfortunately that makes it a leeeetle bit fussy to blend, at least over liquid foundation. It seems to soak in almost immediately and stick there. That means I have to watch placement like a hawk (it could go from ‘natural flush’ to ‘high fever’ pretty fast) and I also need two brushes to work with it. I’ve been using my softer squirrel brushes for placement, and a dense goat brush for blending. It still takes some work to get the edges nice and diffused. It’s a little easier over bare skin, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually worn blush on bare skin before.


Packaging: Looks pretty nice, completely functional, sort of heavy.
Color: It’s more orange than I expected, but still a great shade. The color payoff is intense so you probably need to go with a light hand. I’d expect this to show up beautifully on darker skin tones.
Application & Wear: It’s a little difficult to work with. The color and pigmentation make it easy to overapply and blending over liquid foundation is tricky. If you’re ok with that, the wear time is absolutely top notch – I saw 10 hours with very minimal fading. It might have been longer but I had to take my makeup off at some point.

Overall: I’m going to take some more time and see if I can perfect my technique, but there’s a real chance it could be going back.


Becca Mineral Blush ($32) is available at sephora.com

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  1. Joyce | bronzer bunny

    August 24, 2015 at 12:48 am

    wow it is bright! bummer it is a bit tricky, but hey, if you can make it work, that’s awesome, and if not, then money saved! :)

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