Sephora Sale Must-Haves


Sephora Sale Must Haves

Well well well, here we are a day into the VIB Rouge sale and beauty forums are a-buzz with two questions:

a) What are you getting during the sale?


b) What should I get during the sale?

Now, far be it from me to tell you what to buy, because (with a few exceptions) I don’t know what you like/need! So this is most definitely not a ‘you NEED these things or you’ll regret it forever’ kind of list. But everyone wants to chat about it, and I’m part of everyone, so I’m going to chime in.

For those who’ve somehow missed the excitement so far, Sephora VIB Rouge members get 20% off (code ROUGE20) through Sunday 11/8, and VIB members get 20% off (code VIB20) 11/13-11/16.

My List

I must have emptied and re-filled my online cart a dozen times in the past few days. I am not a decisive woman. So far the only thing I’ve gotten for myself is the YSL Couture Variation #1 Nu palette ($95):

Sephora Sale Must Haves: YSL Couture Variation #1 Nu

This is one of those things that I wanted to get as soon as it came out, but I absolutely couldn’t justify it to myself. But then I remembered I had a $15 gift card to use on top of the 20% off – probably the best deal I’m likely to get on it. Plus Sara from Color Me Loud seems to like it, and I trust her judgment.

The weekend isn’t over yet, so I still have a few ‘maybes’ on my list. I may pick up one or two more things, but maybe not. We’ll see. The contenders are:

Sephora Sale Must Haves: Maybes

Hourglass Modernist Palette in Color Field ($58): This is the palette that sparked my recent quest for green eyeshadows when a Sephora MUA used it on me. I picked up the Ulta knock-off the other day, but it’s just not even the same.

Tarte Swirl Power Contour & Bronzer Brush ($34): This would be unique shape in my collection, and I really like my Tarte Airbrush foundation brush. The ‘contour’ brush is probably too big for me to actually contour with it, but I’ve got my eye on it for foundation or bronzer.

Burberry Nail Polish in Stone ($22): I had a Burb polish in Mink waaaaaay back when they first came out. I loved the formula but the color looked disgusting on me, so back it went. I still haven’t found that perfect nude polish yet, maybe Stone is the one?

YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector ($55): I got a deluxe sample of this with an order a while back and I really, really like it. The effect is similar to NARS Line & Pore Perfector but the pan and sponge makes it easier to use on large areas, and it’s more cost-effective than the NARS one. The YSL website supposedly has a pretty sweet birthday gift (full size lipstick with a purchase of a certain amount?) so I’m trying to hold off and see if I get an email about that first.

I also picked up a couple things as gifts, but I’m not gonna say what in case anyone is snooping!

My Recommendations

As for recommendations – there are too many great things to pick from, but here are a few favorites from my stash that are I think are well worth checking out.

Sephora Sale Must Haves: Recommendations

Armani Master Corrector ($39) – This stuff is seriously the only color corrector I’ve tried that will cover my raging undereye bags. I use the pink one, but it also comes in orange if you’ve got bluish areas to cover up. Plus I just went and looked at my emails – I ordered this on 6/8/14, used it at least 4-5 times a week since then, and I’ve still got about a half inch of product in the tube. Definitely can’t complain about the value!

Sephora Collection Triple Action Cleansing Water ($12) – Just a simple little micellar water to take your makeup off! It removes makeup well (I do still follow up with a cleanser just because paranoid) and smells soooo good.

Burberry Light Glow Blush ($42) – These might actually be my favorite blushes ever. The color payoff is incredible and they last all day long, easily. Rose and Blossom are my most-worn, I think. And now I kinda want to get Tangerine too….

Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer ($20) – It works just as well as the famed NARS eye primer (especially on oily lids) but it’s way cheaper per ounce and has less infuriating packaging.

Armani Sì Eau de Parfum ($70) – I’m mildly obsessed with this perfume right now. It’s sweet but a bit musky, so I’m loving it for cooler weather.


But enough about me, what about you?! What did you/are you planning to get?


Pssst – if you want to save even more money, don’t forget to use your ebates. They have 4% back from Sephora right now. 

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