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Swatch This: Viseart Paris Nudes & Bridal Satin

[afflink]Viseart Paris Nudes & Bridal SatinNo time for a full review yet since these showed up at my house literally yesterday – at 7pm too, I guess it’s that time of year for FedEx. I wanted to go ahead and put up swatches though, in case anyone’s debating a last minute grab for the Parisian Eyes set from Muse Beauty. That’s where these came from; it has two Viseart eyeshadow palettes and three Esum brushes for $128(!). Hell of a deal right there. Everyone’s been raving about these palettes so much that I needed to try them, and who doesn’t love a discount?

At first I was having trouble picking between Bridal Satin, Sultry Muse and Paris Nudes because they all look gorgeous. Then Sultry Muse went out of stock and the decision was made for me – thanks, I guess? It’ll be a while before I really get to dig into them (eyeball lasering is scheduled for Saturday so I’ll be banned from eye makeup for at least a week) but based on swatching and a bit of messing around I’m already thrilled.

Paris Nudes

Viseart Paris Nudes

Paris Nudes is a muted color palette heavy on gold/orange, pink and purples. Not a ton of true neutrals, but all shades that would fit in well with a natural look. The swatches are of each row, the same order they are in the palette.

Viseart Paris Nudes Swatches

Viseart Paris Nudes Swatches

Viseart Paris Nudes Swatches

Bridal Satin

Viseart Bridal SatinI usually steer more toward neutral eyeshadow but I’m actually a little more excited about the Bridal Satin palette because it has some non-neutrals in it. I don’t have nearly enough color eyeshadow, and the purples/blues in this one are amazing. The only sad part is one of the pans came loose during shipping (second shadow on the middle row) and got a little chip in it. Not a big enough deal to bother returning it, that would just be wasteful. I am pretty impressed that the whole pan didn’t shatter though! I glued it back in and cleaned up some loose powder, practically good as new. Again, the swatches are in the same order as the palette.

Viseart Bridal Satin Swatches

Viseart Bridal Satin Swatches

Viseart Bridal Satin SwatchesLike I said, no review, but my first impression is that these are really, really nice shadows. The only ones that aren’t totally smooth are the top right in Paris Nudes, and top left in Bridal Satin. Both of those are a little more glittery, so it makes sense that the texture isn’t quite the same (still very good). I’m already plotting to buy Sultry Muse when Sephora does their 15% off sale in the spring, and debating if I also need the Neutral Mattes…..

Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes ($80) are available at musebeauty.pro, frendsbeauty.com and sephora.com


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  1. Nuria

    December 19, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    You DO need the neutral one XD. I got the dark mattes. I will also wait until some sales happen to get like 2 ones, debating among the Paris Nudes, Bridal Satin and Sultry Muse. But I feel guilty since there is some stuff from black friday I haven’t even used yet T_T

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