Jo Malone English Fields Collection Review


Jo Malone English Fields Collection Review



I’ve shown a couple sneak peeks of the new Jo Malone English Field fragrances for spring on my instagram, and now I finally have all the ones I ordered in my hands! I discovered these on my last trip up to Cincinnati. I needed to pick up a mirror I’d ordered from EBTH, and figured since I was up there anyway I might as well stop by Nordstrom to look for some new sneakers. Well, the beauty counters are right next to the shoe department – I swear they’ve done that especially to trap me – so I couldn’t resist wandering over. And that, friends, is how I found out about the new English Fields fragrances. I hadn’t seen anything about them online, but the counter had testers out and I wasted no time taking a good sniff. After a lot of deliberation I pre-ordered Poppy & Barley. I like them all, but not gonna lie, the pink bottle was the deciding factor.¬†Last summer I waffled too long on Star Magnolia and missed it, so this time my fomo won hard. When the collection was released online, I hurried to snap up Oat & Cornflower and Green Wheat & Meadowsweet too. I’m glad I did, because some stores are already selling out!

So what’s the big deal about this collection anyway? First, I want to talk about the packaging, because I’m in love. Jo Malone’s regular fragrance line has a very classic English feel in the design, but the English Fields fragrances take it a step further with their lovely two-toned bottles. The fragrances celebrate spring in the country-side, and the pastel colors grounded by earthy neutrals reflect that beautifully. The bases have a roughened texture that makes a nice contrast.

Jo Malone English Fields Review

The scents themselves are also delightful. Fragrantica has a great interview with the team behind the collection here, but I’ll just add that they’ve captured the sense of grain fields perfectly. The three perfumes that I got have a little more throw than a lot of Jo Malone fragrances, and they also last quite a bit longer on the skin – easily through a work day and then some. I haven’t tried layering them yet because they’re a bit more complex than a lot of the other JM’s I have, but there are some pairing recommendations on Silverkis’ World (along with a review of Primrose & Rye, which I didn’t get).

Poppy & Barley seems to be the most popular of the five (already sold out on the Jo Malone & Nordstrom websites), and for good reason. It’s feminine and floral, with a woody bran base that keeps it from flying off into the purely sweet. Every so often I catch a green sharpness that reminds of – yes – a field of wildflowers.

Oat & Cornflower is my personal favorite (even if I did originally intend to just get Poppy & Barley). At first spray it has a caramel-y sweetness, which deepens into hazelnut and tobacco. A twist of vetiver and a light floral keep it from being overly creamy.

Green Wheat & Meadowsweet is a lovely fragrance, but in my opinion the least unique of the three. It opens with a very strong grapefruit note, which can lull you into thinking it’s a bit generic if you let it. The citrusy sharpness mellows a bit though, and reveals a slightly powdery floral.

Jo Malone English Fields Review

As for the other two, I wouldn’t have minded having them, but I was going way over my fragrance budget in the first place. When I was sniffing the testers, I remember Primrose & Rye having a very distinct (to my nose) whisky/bourbon-ish note. Out of the whole set, it struck me as the most masculine. Honey & Crocus, on the other hand, felt a little sweet for my preference. I’m apparently in the minority on this, because it’s also a bit tricky to find online.

Have you tried any of the new Jo Malone perfumes? Which one is your favorite?


Jo Malone English Fields Review




  1. stevethemonkey

    March 24, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    I think you’ve mentioned having problems with allergies and migraines with some perfumes. Have you had any issues with the Jo Malone fragrances?

    1. Nikki

      March 24, 2018 at 10:41 pm

      I don’t think perfumes are a huge migraine trigger for me, but some make me itch or sneeze, yeah. No issues with the Jo Malones so far.

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