5 Must-Have Millennial Pink Travel Accessories


5 Must-Have Millennial Pink Travel Accessories


We’re only a few months into 2018, and already I’m set to do more traveling this year than probably any time in my life so far (and I’m totally ok with this). As of now the travel schedule includes Amazon rainforest vacation packages, vacation in Paris & London, a weekend in Denver, and at least one trip to New York. We’re also looking a possible weekend on a beach somewhere in the fall, and then I usually have a work conference later in the year. Accordingly, I’ve been busily doing a much-needed update of my luggage & travel accessories. If you’ve seen my instagram recently, you’ll have noticed I’ve been indulging my love of all things millennial pink. So yes, of course, I’ve rounded up my favorite millennial pink travel accessories.

The suitcase I got for our New York trip last summer definitely did not stand the test of time, so I finally caved and ordered that pink Away Travel carry-on (<- referral link, which gets you $20 off) I’ve been wanting for ages. Even though it’s slightly bigger in external dimensions than the old one, the streamlined shape feels more compact. The wheel and handle layout seem more efficient too, so the inside is pretty spacious. Other perks include a removable USB power pack and a TSA-approved lock built in – very handy, since we often store our luggage before our AirBNB check-in.  Away does a 100-day trial period on their luggage, so I’ll be putting it through its paces and doing a follow-up review once we get back.

Experience has also taught me that no matter how efficiently I pack for travel, I will buy things while I’m gone and need some way to get them home. I don’t want to take a huge, heavy purse so instead I poured my energy into online-shopping for the perfect travel tote to take with me especially because of online deals like the black Friday deals for women. Requirements:

  • Lightweight
  • Big enough to store all my in-flight essentials, plus shopping loot on the way back
  • Zips all the way across so I can shove it under the airplane seat without things falling out

The eventual winner was the Longchamp Le Pliage large tote, not least because they have it in a blush pink color that looks super cute with my luggage. Of course, if pink isn’t your thing it comes in tons of other colors. I’ve heard great things about it and figure it’s a classic for a reason. It’s been really handy for my daily commute already, so I expect it will be perfect for toting things home from my travels.

Another thing I wanted to pick up was a new card case or wallet – most of my older ones are bulky and/or starting to look pretty rough. In the course of my internet browsing I fell in love with this Loewe zip wallet, but the price screams ‘investment piece’ while the color and pattern do not. Gosh, isn’t it pretty though? But reason prevailed and I took myself to Target, where I found this Mossimo Supply Co card case for a much saner ten bucks. The size makes it really easy to toss into whatever purse I’m using, even clutches.

I had originally planned to only take my black Rothy’s with me on this vacation, but then the Rothy’s Point in Petal Pink showed up on their website and I just had to have them. They’re the perfect travel shoe since they don’t blister my heels and take up practically no room in my suitcase. Guess I’ll just have to take both pairs with me!

Last but certainly not least is staying healthy on vacation! Between my prescriptions, allergy meds and a few vitamins that my doc recommended for me, it seems I’ve outgrown the little pill sorter that I used to take with me on trips. All the bigger ones at the drug store were huge or super ugly (or let’s be honest here, both) so I ordered the Port & Polish Blush Pink Pill Case. I’ve been following their IG for a while and can confirm that they’re just as flatlay-worthy in real life as they are in their photos. More importantly, the compartments are roomy enough to fit all my pills and the lids all close securely.

Are you obsessed with pink too? What are your must-have travel accessories?

Must Have Millennial Pink Travel Accessories


  1. Christine

    April 5, 2018 at 9:57 am

    I’m really curious about the suitcase! I’ve seen so many people talk about them and I need to pick up some new luggage sometime! I have heard that delta isn’t allowing the power pack to be used in the suitcase as a carry on?!?! Ingrid Nelson posted a story about it where Delta forced her to remove it before getting on the plane?!?!

    1. Nikki

      April 5, 2018 at 10:23 am

      I haven’t gotten to use mine yet, but Joseph got the checked-luggage size in navy blue and he left for a work trip last weekend. It was stuffed COMPLETELY full (he’s working in Saipan for two weeks, then heading straight to Paris), and it was still super easy to get closed & everything.
      Yeah, apparently there are some new regulations on power packs and it depends on the airline too. The new version of the Away carry-ons, the one I got, you can just press on the battery pack to pop it out. I know with some of the older ones you had to open it up and unscrew the pack, which sounds like a huge pain! I’m going to do a whole review on them after we get back.

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