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Observations on French Style

Like anyone who’s had access to the internet (and therefore, fashion blogs) during the past 10-15 years, I’ve been led to the understanding that French fashion is the absolute epitome of cool. I was fascinated to see first-hand whether all the “how to build the French girl wardrobe” posts out there are accurate , and if walking through Paris really is like all those fashion week street photos make it look (it’s not). It didn’t turn out to be a carnival of  ...

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5 Things I Love Right Now

  Well, this week I was supposed to be up in Boston for work, but the workshop I was going to (and my flight) got cancelled due to the sky blizzarding all over everything. I had planned an afternoon of shopping at all the stores we don’t have around here, so I’m a little disappointed the rug got pulled out from under that. But on the other hand, we’re less than a week away from the first official day of spring and a month from now I’ll be eating croissants in  ...

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Spring in Paris Travel Wardrobe

  French girl style. The capsule wardrobe. The daily uniform. There are oodles of strategies out there for curating your wardrobe, all of which our favorite fashion bloggers have shared with us at length. Well, I accidentally discovered what is – IMO – the best ever way to test those mad curation skillz: take a trip. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’m headed to Paris & London for vacation next month. Of course I had to do a closet audit to see how many  ...

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How To Update Your Fall Wardrobe, Guilt-Free

  There’s a lot of debate about whether Kentucky is technically part of “the South” or not, but if the weather is any indication, yes, yes it is. The first day of fall came and went with high-80’s temperatures, but this weekend we FINALLY got some fall weather! I even had to wear pants and long sleeves for my weekend run. I doubt it’s here to stay, but the cool snap has me looking forward to boots, scarves and snuggly sweaters. Since today is National  ...

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6 Beautiful Accessories That Make Bike Commuting Easy

  I hope you all had an awesome holiday weekend filled with lots of fun and relaxation! Alas, the long weekend is over now, so it’s back to work for me. Of course, as I touched on last week, getting to and from work is now the highlight of my day instead of the rage-inducing punishment it felt like when I drove. Aside from being in love with biking, I’m also on a permanent mission to find chic bike-friendly accessories to make it even more awesome. After all, a little extra  ...

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