Weekend Reading #21

2014-06-07 16.02.47Thought: yesterday I made a key lime cheesecake for a friend’s birthday party. When I got tired of squeezing them by hand, I started using a garlic press to juice them. Does this mean I’m going to culinary hell? Anyway, as we get closer to the fall collections, there’s some more new stuff this week! Some I’m definitely going to try, others – not so sure yet. But we can take a look anyway, yeah?

Makeup4All has posted a picture of a few of the Dior fall quints, which look really pretty! I’ll probably be waiting to check these out at the counters, since the formula of Dior shadows isn’t always as consistent as I’d hope for. She’s also rounded up photos of all three colors in the Burberry Summer Showers collection, which I’m dying to get a look at – Pink Peony is whispering my name pretty insistently. I know they’re already up on the Burberry website, but I’m holding out to see if the new things (especially the blush sticks) have made it to counters by the time I get to visit one next month.

Also coming up soon – the Lorac Pro Palette 2, which I’m insanely excited about. It’s supposed to be available from Ulta (online at least, not sure about in store) on the 15th, so I’ll have my finger hovering over the checkout button. The Style & Beauty Doctor has kindly swatched it for us so we can see what we’re getting into here.

If you’re looking for some new-to-you goodies to try, Lipstick With Some Sunshine has shared her must-haves from her top favorite brands. I’m totally with her on the NARS eye primer – it’s the standard that I test all other primers against – and I’d have to add their blushes to the list too since they’re so ridiculously perfect for travel.

And finally, Messy Wands is bringing some real talk this week about makeup and comparing your “made up” self to regular ol’ you. I have to admit the 1-year milestone in beauty blogging combined with my changing skin has kind of made me think a lot about this too, so it was an interesting read.

I know it’s almost over by this point, but have a lovely rest of the weekend!




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