Weekend Reading #22

Las Vegas

Is it just me, or do short work weeks seem to drag out even longer than regular ones? I took Monday off – bad mathing led me to have a bunch of vacation I need to use this month, or it’ll expire – but I swear Thursday and Friday stretched out to make up for it. Point is, I’m so glad it’s the weekend.

To start off the weekend, a bit of World Cup levity from Jelisa Castrodale. You need to follow her on twitter. Just do it.

Yesterday I woke the husband up as I was getting ready to leave for work – wearing jeans and a white Caslon tank, because working in IT is awesome – and he asked “Are you wearing that?” Ouch – though it turned out his half-asleep brain thought it was a cami. Apparently I need to do a close study of From Head To Toe’s post on how to style a plain white shirt.

Also on the list of things that seem simple but apparently aren’t – how to burn a candle, from Nouvelle Daily. It turns out I’ve been doing quite a bit of this stuff wrong for many, many years.

For the longest time, I felt like I was crazy for not being in love with the Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette I tried last summer when they came out. Paris B from My Women Stuff tried one out too, and it turns out I’m not alone (finally).

I’m wildly jealous of Stef from We Heart This – she got to fly out to Las Vegas, get professionally made up and go to the opening of Giada de Laurentiis’ brand new restaurant. I’ve got a Las Vegas trip planned for this fall (it’s a professional conference, actually) so this will definitely be on my list o’ new places to try.

I keep wanting to try out the new NARS brushes, but it doesn’t look like my Sephora is ever going to get them. The Non-Blonde reviewed their #44 Contour Brush, which looks like a must-have – I definitely need to check it out next time I go to some place that has a NARS counter.

Title image courtesy of Moyan Brenn on flickr

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  1. Donna Luisa

    June 14, 2014 at 9:31 am

    I’m also very glad it’s weekend. Last week seemed endless

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