Weekend Reading #24

San Francisco

The last two weeks, man. Crazy! We had a fantastic vacation in San Francisco, which mostly consisted of 12-hour+ days packed with fun activities, and then this week we’re checking out these toronto fun activities here for our next trip… I got to catch up with all the stuff I missed while I was gone from work. Fun! I did manage to fit in about half a day of shopping out in California, on the very last day we were there. I only picked up a few things because I’m holding off for some of the stuff from fall collections – but there’ll be a small haul video coming up soon anyway.

Among the fall things I’m waiting on? The new Tom Ford collection. I know I’ve linked to some sneak peeks before when the rumors first started circulating, but well, Chic Profile has some more information and images now. I stopped in at Neiman Marcus while I was out shopping (sigh – I wish we had a NM here), and gave the counter manager my info so I can snatch up the eyeshadow quad and one of the blush/highlight duos ASAP. She couldn’t tell me the exact date it’ll be in, but ‘early August’ was mentioned.

A couple days ago I posted about the new Christian Louboutin nail polish that’s coming out soon, and yesterday I ran across another official image via Beauty Blitz. My willpower was strong when the red shade was the only option – but oh man. A hot pink, in that bottle? I might cave. They also linked a WWD article on the new beauty line (no subscription required) which I thought was pretty interesting.

I meant to ask at Barney’s whether they had any of the new Hourglass eyeliners squirreled away, but uh, I forgot. According to Makeup4All, it should be out on the 29th though. I’m definitely interested in it, but check out this little nugget hidden in the product description: each pencil lasts for approximately 17 to 20 uses. My eyes sort of bugged out at that, but it turns out the $45 price tag is actually for three pencils (or you can get a single one for $16). Whew. I’m assuming they package it that way to avoid the torches and pitchforks that come out when products dry up prematurely – a smart move on Hourglass’ part. I’ve been making more effort lately to use eyeliner (I’m totally wearing wings today!) so for 16 bucks I’ll probably pick up the single version.

Beauty Blitz also gave me yet another thing to look forward to – the Buxom Mascara Bar. It’s centered around their new Vanity Lash Mascara (which I haven’t tried, obvs, since it’s not out yet) but check this out: there are seven different wands to pick from for it. At $22 the price isn’t totally unreasonable either. I’m hoping this heralds a whole new era where every brand lets you mix and match their formulas and wands. Probably not, but a girl can dream, right?

And one of my favorite posts from the last week: Franish has ‘too many damn rules.’ I started off reading the article thinking “there are no rules for fashion!” That is, until I realized… I have a lot of these same rules too. No long shorts, nothing mid-calf, no tucked-in shirts (except with high-waisted skirts), no cap sleeves, no crew necks… I pretty frequently have a thought that my wardrobe is a total snoozefest, so this is a nice reminder to me to try new things – just occasionally!

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  1. Franziska

    July 26, 2014 at 10:52 am

    Thank you for the link! I feel we all have some “rules”, but it isn’t until we write them down that we realize how many there are. Hopefully we can both break out of them a little bit :

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