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What’s In My Bag: Travel Edition


What's In My Bag: Travel EditionI haven’t done one of these in a while! Of course, most of the time my purse is full of receipts and other random trash, so probably no one is interested. But last week I was in Las Vegas for a work conference, so I cleaned my overnight bag out and filled it up stuff that might be mildly interesting.

A couple weeks ago I switched to my ‘winter bag’, my beloved Jimmy Choo Boho that I got a few years back. I’m not usually one for switching bags seasonally, but it just feels a little too heavy for spring and summer. Perfect for travel though, because as you can see, pretty much everything will fit in there. I also popped in a completely ancient Dooney & Bourke wristlet to use as a wallet. The corners and wrist strap are starting to crack, but it’s such a perfect eggplant color that I just can’t let it go.

The wristlet I stuffed with my everyday essentials, which are a little bit different traveling than when I’m at home. Band-aids, for one thing. I try to wear comfortable shoes, but according to the health app on my phone I averaged about 7 miles/day walking. Somehow it felt like a lot more. I also stashed away some floss picks, pill cases with my iron pills/anxiety meds/backups of prescriptions, and Pepto. It seems like one of us always gets a bit of an upset stomach while traveling, I think it has to do with sitting on a plane for hours at a time.

Makeup-wise I didn’t carry much, just lip products. I got the Make Up For Ever 304 lip brush specifically to keep in my purse since I usually look like the Joker if I try to apply lipstick straight from the tube (and of course my Rouge Bunny Rouge compact mirror to help avoid that too). When I took this photo my lipstick o’ the day happened to be Givenchy Le Rouge-a-Porter in Vermillion Creation along with a mini Dior Lip Maximizer. I was also toting around more lip balm than you’d think any sane person needs because omfg, my lips were so dry. I tend to be a little dehydrated most of the time anyway (trying to work on remembering to chug water more often) and as it turns out visiting the freaking desert didn’t help any. I count two Vaseline Rosy Lips and a Chapstick Hydration Lock in there. Plus a mini of L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream because my hands weren’t doing much better than my lips. By the way, don’t worry that I was running around makeup-less – I took entirely too much with me, it was just in my Trish organizer.

Clearly the bulk of my purse cargo was electronic gadgets, because modern life has robbed me of the ability to tolerate even 30 seconds of boredom, let alone a four-hour flight! I had my iPad mini (in a cute little sleeve that I got as a present last year) for watching YouTube videos – my YouTube Red trial came in handy since I could save videos to watch offline on the plane, but I still probably won’t renew it. Obviously I used my headphones (Sennheiser Momentums) to watch since I’m not an animal, and they were pretty effective at blocking out all the other noise too. I also took my Kindle Paperwhite since I usually like to read before bed, but between going to conference sessions all day and dinner/shows in the evening, I pretty much just fell into bed and passed out most nights. My Olympus TG-820 went with me, because it’s my official travel camera. Who wants to lug around a dSLR? Not me, that’s who.

Other random things? I took along my trusty Oakley Crosshairs, which I didn’t wear at all because I went outside during the day all of maybe four times, a pack of gum and a granola bar for emergency snacking. For most of the trip I also had my husband’s sunglasses and headphones in there (seriously, that purse is like a bottomless magician’s bag) but he left a day before me so by the time I took this photo he’d already taken over his own stuff :-)

So hopefully I’m not the only one who packs like the apocalypse might happen while I’m gone – what are your travel essentials?


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