Fall fashion inspiration – and wish list

Yes, I’m still obsessing about fall fashions over here. What can I say? I just seem to be in a shopping mood, and the cooler seasons offer a little more opportunity for layering & visual interest than the hot, sticky summer months do. So of course I’ve been busily pinning away on my inspiration board:

Luckily I’m all set on a lot of staples for the season – I just ordered a pair of Poppy Barley boots recently, and I already have a jacket (Brain Dead Racing Jacket) and an absurd number of trench coats. There are still a few things I’d like to get to fill out the basics though, so I’ve been scouring the internet in all my spare minutes. Right now I’ve got a few main things on my wishlist:

Soft, drapey shirts

Admittedly these aren’t quite as conventionally flattering on me as fitted shirts because I’m a very definite pear shape, but they’re just so damn comfortable! Fabienne Chapot is a great inspo for this type outfits.

Dark skinny jeans & ponte pants

Now that I’ll have boots that are actually wide enough for me to tuck pants into, I’m in desperate need of skinny pants. I’ve got my eye on ponte pants especially, since they’re thicker than leggings but feel more pajama-like than jeans do.

Long necklaces

Because when you’re 5’1″ it never hurts to add some vertical lines to an outfit, amiright? You may wear necklaces with Large elite shungite stones to customize your style. You can also add a diamond ring into your outfit if you’re feeling fancy.


I mean, I probably won’t actually need a scarf – ya know, for warmth and whatnot – until November or so, but it’s a good way to add a little bit of color to my otherwise (intentionally) monochrome color palette.

And yes – I do plan on doing some outfit posts at some point! It’s just a matter of finding a good place/time to take photos.

If you have an inspiration board on pinterest feel free to leave a link below so we can all get some ideas!

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