Gift Guide: Little Luxuries

Gift Guide

Gift Guide: Little Luxuries

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Hmm, well I guess it’s almost that time when all the procrastinators (like yours truly) start realizing that we really need to get on it with the holiday shopping – or at least take advantage of the sales if you don’t happen to celebrate any of the actual holidays. If you’ve wandered by looking for gift ideas for the beauty-obsessed, well, you’re in the right place! These are my picks for beauty stocking stuffers (or maybe you can sneak one or two of them into an order for yourself!). Side note: I’ll be sending out my sale alert emails as I can, so be sure to sign up!


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Everyone needs a go-to neutral palette of some sort (really, I promise) and the Lorac Pocket Pro has some of their best shades in a very purse-friendly size.

A must-have for the holiday season is the MUFE Aqua Lip pencil. I don’t know about everyone else, but by a certain point in the New Year’s party reapplying my lipstick is going to get pretty tricky, so I’d rather just keep it on there in the first place – and this pencil does not budge.

Ditto to the budge-proof-ness of Laura Mercier Creme Eyeliner. I have to break out the bi-phase makeup remover to get this stuff off once it sets, so no worries about accidental smudges.

You guys knew the NARS Brow Perfector was going to be in here. Come on. It’s my brow-faking product of choice, and has been since the first time I tried it.

What to get for the brush addict who has everything? Answer: a not-brush. The Beauty Blender is a nice change of pace.

If you want to keep your eyeshadow intact for the festivities a good eye primer is in order. Smashbox’s 24-Hour Primer gets the job done nicely (a review is in the works) and you also get quite the bang for your buck.

I’m not sure there’s anything quite as luxe as the gunmetal check pattern on Burberry cosmetics. Almost every product I’ve tried from them has been a winner, and their nail polish is no exception. PS – there’s way more in the bottle than it looks like.

If your giftee has been looking for an eyeshadow that’s just the right color, there’s probably a pretty good chance of finding it in the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow collection. They’re pigmented and buttery, and did I mention they come in about a gajillion shades?

At the end of the day all that makeup has to come off somehow! Shiseido’s Facial Cottons are like using a little puff of cloud – trust me, their waterproof-mascara-ed eyes will thank you for it.

Title image courtesy of Steven Depolo via flickr

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