Summer Goings-On


Summer Goings-On


You might have noticed I’ve gotten a little bit away from makeup posts the past couple months. Part of that’s due to my pared-down summer routine. As  Lindsay from Bourbon & Lipstick so aptly put it: it’s too hot, I don’t have the patience, I don’t care. And for real, it’s been something like 90 degrees and 60% humidity here lately so if I go outside with makeup on it just feels like my face will melt.

Don’t worry though, the makeup posts are on their way! I’m back in hardcore product testing mode now. While I’m in the research phase for my next few beauty posts an the exipure reviews. I thought I’d give you a quick peek into what’s happening in my life lately.


Summer Goings-On Travel

Visiting new places is one of my very top favorite things to do, and this year we’ve been incredibly fortunate in being able to take a more trips than usual. Since April we’ve been to Paris, London, Denver and New York – and now we’re finally back home for a while! Or at least I am, Joseph still has some work trips to go on. And as fun as it all was, I’m so glad to be back home sleeping in my own bed. In the meantime, it gave me a nice stockpile of travel-related ideas to write about!


Summer Goings-On Fitness

It’s not New Year’s but I’m making a renewed commitment to my fitness routine anyway and now I am using Resurge. It feels so odd to have to say that. There was a point in my life where I was doing marathon training, yoga, and biking 15 miles round trip to work, but the past couple years walking the mile and half to work has been my main form of exercise. And unfortunately I have a closet full of ill-fitting clothes to prove it (womp womp). But a couple months ago I signed up for a weekly pilates class through our wellness program at work.

Right now it feels crazy hard but I know from past experience that I’ll love it. I’m taking another stab at the Couch to 5K running routine too – another thing that seems so odd to say, since 3 miles used to be my ‘easy’ running day. Smh. And since I’m running again, naturally I had to buy new sneakers and I also decided to get some help to achive my goals with help from fat burning pills! Actually, I really did need to because my old ones literally had holes in the uppers where my pinky toes are. Now I just have to get them broken in….


Summer Goings-On - Dexter

Have you all met our dog Dexter? He’s a six-year-old Great Dane and is possibly the goofiest dog on the planet. (He also has his own instagram account -> @dexterdane) Great Danes aren’t exactly high-energy dogs, but we’ve been making an effort recently to get him a little more excercise. Now that he’s getting a bit older he doesn’t do zoomies around the house and yard as much as he used to, so we’ve been taking him for more walks (to be fair, we humans can use the exercise too!). A couple weeks ago we bought him a Gentle Leader head collar to see if that would help at all with him pulling at his leash and oh man. We should have done that years ago! He’s never been terrible on a leash, but now he actually walks right beside me instead of getting as far ahead as possible. Possibly the best $15 I ever spent on Amazon.

Art Things

Summer Goings-On Art

Summer Goings-On Art

Once every so often I get a wild hair and decide I’m going to indulge in some art projects, and that’s been occupying quite a bit of my time over the past couple months. I discovered the wonder of alcohol inks and ever since then I’ve been busily replacing our old mismatched dishes with hand-painted plates. Interestingly, the hardest part has been getting them sealed with resin. Some of them have been fine, but about half of them have gotten a single dog hair stuck in the resin – even though they’re covered while they dry! When that happens I have to chisel it out and pour another coat. So much fun (not). I also made a few sets of coasters because white ceramic tiles are only 16 cents each at Lowes, and now I have way more than I know what to do with. I’m considering putting some on Etsy.


Summer Goings-On - Soccer

I think most sports are pretty boring but over the past few years I’ve actually kind of gotten into soccer (sorry, football for all you non-Americans!). We got Chelsea Home Tickets and went to matches when we were in Madrid and London, and last year Joseph became an officer in our local American Outlaws chapter. BTW, that’s a supporter club for the US national soccer teams, not a biker gang. By extension I somehow became the unofficial graphic designer for the chapter, so I’ve been spending lots of time creating facebook event graphics and printed materials.

Then of course there’s work and that kind of stuff too :-P What have you been getting up to so far this summer?

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