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Not a New Year’s Resolution

It’s the beginning of the year, as you well know. In my opinion this is as good a time as any to reflect on my life and where it’s headed, probably because I have way less going on in the winter. The annual influx of new year’s resolutions posts proves I’m not alone. That’s not really what this is. Maybe you noticed – or maybe you didn’t – that I’ve been a little bit silent here and on social media lately. Not because I don’t enjoy  ...

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Italic Unbranded Luxury Goods: Quality > Status

Did you happen to take a peek at my Fendi By The Way since I first saw it in a San Francisco Neiman Marcus a few years ago. Last week I tried it on three separate times, at three separate Fendi boutiques. I purchased it zero times.  Part of it is practical – there are so many other things I could do with $1700, like finally put a gas stove in my kitchen. But the other part is I’ve been trying to really nail down why I want it. Is it because I want a high quality  ...

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Sunday Riley Space Race Review

First off – I know right now a lot of people are rightfully upset at Sunday Riley because of the whole Sephora review debacle. In case you missed it, here’s a short summary: A redditor & former employee of Sunday Riley (unconfirmed, as far as I know) posted this post outlining the steps they’re going to take in the future, including disclosing when something is written by an employee and having a third party audit their business practices.  Anyway, before that  ...

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DIY Upcycled Makeup Storage

If you’ve seen my instagram any time in the past couple months then you already know I’m going full steam ahead with my home office decor. I’ve spent the last two years slowly collecting furniture I love, and it’s sooooo close to being complete.  That is not what this post is about. As part of the process, I’ve also been revamping my makeup storage. At our old house I tried the whole white IKEA desk & all acrylic storage thing, but eventually decided  ...

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Review: Fenty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a beauty product just because of the packaging. Yeah, me too. The latest example: the Fenty Moroccan Spice eyeshadow palette. I’m an absolute sucker for pink and purple, so the case on this baby was irresistible from the first time I laid eyes on it. I occasionally try to be a responsible adult though, so I went to Sephora and swatched it before buying. Buy it I did, and here’s a review for you. Have I mentioned I love the case on this  ...

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