Swatches: Zoya Naturel Satins & Delight

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Zoya Naturel Satin

Zoya Delight

Zoya Naturel Satin & Delight Swatches Even though the weather lately has been decidedly ‘winter’, I suppose we’ll eventually have spring at some point. New season = new Zoya colors. For spring there are two collections. The Naturel Satins have a range of muted, semi-matte shades that remind me of Easter eggs (in the best possible way!) and the Delight collection is full of bright, cheerful colors. To be perfectly honest, the Delight shades aren’t really my thing because bright colors (other than pink and red) aren’t really my thing. I’m loving the colors and finish of the Satins though – they’re a great concession to seasonal colors for anyone who wears black year-round.

Naturel Satins:

  • Ana – muted shell pink
  • Brittany – mauvey rose
  • Leah – grey-toned lavender
  • Sage – exactly what it sounds like
  • Tove – slate blue (possibly my favorite of the bunch)
  • Rowan – deep taupe


  • Daisy – crayon-sunshine yellow
  • Leslie – bright lavender with fine turquoise shimmer
  • Rayne – blue with fine turquoise shimmer
  • Lilian – aqua pastel
  • Tiana – bright pistachio
  • Eden – bright medium pink

Zoya Naturel Satin and Delight collections ($9/shade) are available at The polishes were provided to me by the company; the opinions and color descriptions are provided by me, just for you.


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